RDP Thursday: Putrescent

Cows 22.05.2018

Animals recycle according to what they eat
Was this a cow or horse? It is definitely not so sweet
But no-one smells like a rose when we expel the unwanted matter
It lands upon the ground and is a putrescent splatter
At last the deed is done and the smell will go away
But we have our farmers and they see that it will stay
They spread it on the crops to fertilise, just like machiavelli
The problem is that it lingers on, the air gets very smelly

RDP Thursday: Putrescent

9 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Putrescent

  1. Last night on Trevor Noah, Bill Gates explained that well shit can be turned into food and power and energy. Good going in, useful coming out. I know a lot of horsey people who actually LIKE the smell of horse dung. It’s earthy.

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    • I have heard that it can be used for power but I am not sure if it is so good to eat, although most of it is just hay mixed with horsy stuff I suppose. I so not mind the smell in small doses, but not too much especially when I am cooking dinner.


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