Kimmie’s Oddball Challenge 12/6/18

Christmas Market 06.12 (6)

I was at our Christmas market in the local town of Solothurn, but where was Santa. This is his chair and the notice says he will be back at 10 past 4. I suppose they also need a coffee break.

Hotel Krone Christmas car 05.12 (2)

Santa is on his way. The Reindeer are having a break from chimney climbing and Santa has got a car from the local hotel, complete with Christmas tree.

Zeughaus Christmas Calendar 06.12 (2)

Our museum in town, the old Arsenal where they have the old weapons and suits of armour, has been transformed into a Christmas calendar. Every day another window shows a new picture. Now six are open.

Kimmie’s Oddball Challenge 12/6/18

9 thoughts on “Kimmie’s Oddball Challenge 12/6/18

    • I think it is the second year that it has been done, but now that I seem to be a regular visitor in town with my chair I get all the latest developments. It is from the local government, so I suppose one of those guys had the idea.


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