FOWC with Fandango: Floor

Living Room 27.06.2017

What do we know about floors? They are hard and if they come up and hit you, the result might be a blue mark somewhere on your body, or even a painful swelling which will be a memory of your fall for some time. Of course you might break something, as I did this year in January, a leg in my case. I am tall, 1m 75 cm, and it is a long way to fall. I managed to fall on the bedroom floor, which was quite a good thing. they only had to open the window and push the stretcher out through the window  to the waiting ambulance.

There is no such thing as a soft floor. Even if you have a carpet it does not help, because beneath the carpet there is a hard floor waiting to attack, may it be stone or wood. It all makes no difference until my cleaning lady, who is always full of advice, told me about the new invention:  The airbag for seniors. Do connect to this link, you will be amazed.

Now we senior citzens have a belt we can wear, just like the airbag in your car. When you fall it inflates and you are protected from breaking limbs or bruises. You wear a belt that automatically inflates to cushion your fall. It is a Dutch invention. Your floor will no longer come up and hit you, you will rebound as the belt inflates with a small gas canister. I am not sure if you will actually bounce.

I have not yet ordered mine, am thinking about it. We golden oldies are now slowly winning our fight against the curse of hard floors.

FOWC with Fandango: Floor

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