RDP Wednesday: Friendship


Meet my friends, they are all electronic
And this is where I spend my time writing on my Chronic
They do not have flesh and blood, but circuits  that connect
We have known each other a long time, they think they are perfect
I tell them what to do and they comply with most of the wishes
Like all good friends there are arguments, because of many squishes
They obey my commands, but not always as they should
Perhaps I type it wrong,  instructions are misunderstood
A bad workman blames his tools is what is always said
so I must take care of my computers, they are always a step ahead
But their feelings are never hurt, they have a solid logic
Although I must be kind to them, they can get quite demagogic
That is when I tell them yes, and they decide it’s no
and I can programme what I want, they have their way to go
But if I do not switch them on and take a break or two
They do not get annoyed and sleep the whole day through
Friendship with humans is according to the mood
A computer you do not invite to lunch, because it needs no food

RDP Wednesday: Friendship

12 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Friendship

    • They take over. First of all they pretend to be our friend and then they get demanding with all sorts of tricks. If you do not give them your constant attention, they might desert you for another called virus.


  1. i miss my old pal the Computer, my dear pal the Kindle fire is Cracked quite bad but still working :). Not sure if my phone is my pal, some days not so much ha! I miss having our own internet to Visit my Internet blogging friends! I do not miss trying to make computers work when they dont want to!

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