Good Morning

Hauptgasse Altstadt 01.12 (3)

One of the photos as I was entering our town this week, from a wheelchair perspective. I have not been able to go anywhere special this week due to rain and home stress with shopping and cleaning and generally having no me time. However, I really plan to go into town this afternoon. It is the Christmas market today and tomorrow and I want to take a few pictures and see some action.


My photos have dwindled to what is happening at home and photos of me and the hoover or mopping floors are not quite the hit of the day. My amaryllis is giving a little action and in the past week has been growing in leaps and bounds. Both flower stalks are now thinking about it. When it flowers it will be a white one.


The remains of my Christmas cactus also have buds ready to open. The main branch with a flower broke off the plant and I am trying to rescue the remainders by putting it in a glass of water at the moment. Perhaps it might make roots, perhaps not. I was thinking about buying a new one, but noticed that the store have no more.


And since last September I have this orchid which still bears flowers, although I think its days might now be numbered. I lost some flowers already, but these are still hanging on. Orchids are really encouraging. There price is OK, if you keep an eye open for some special offers and they last longer than any cut flower. As a plant they are also easy to care for. Just fill the container with water once every two weeks and leave it for a few minutes. Then empty it and put it back in a window place with moderate temperatures. That always worked for me. Some tell me about their orchids that flower again and again, but I have not yet had such luck.

Christmas decoration

And now to move on. I hope to get my chores done this morning early enough to go shopping a little earlier. I only shop three times in the week, but since I have been doing it all myself I never seem to get home until midday, when I have to start cooking. My afternoon time has dwindled considerably over the past week, so I will have to do some re-organisation. It makes a difference when you have to do it on your own, and I am not exactly Speedy Gonzales myself.

See you around, enjoy the day, until later.

Christmas Tree Solothurn 18.11 (2)

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Interesting color for an Amaryliss ….I only know about the red ones. Our Christmas cactus is also blooming. The Christmas market sounds so exciting. I wish we had them in our country. Alas.

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  2. I don’t care for orchids and I seem to be the only one…. Possibly I have been spoilt since the moment I saw them growing wild on trees and hanging roots in Southern parts of the USA many, many, many years ago (Sunken Gardens etc)…. That was so otherworldly that ever since orchids in a pot didn’t appeal to me. And I’m terrified when I have to care for them (for friends on hols!). Same thing with cacti. Hero Husband is sub-renting a small flat for 4 months in Zurich and it came with precise instructions on When to Water the Cacti (about 12 of them, all in large pots….). HH doesn’t do ‘caring for plants’ so it’s up to me when I visit to look after them. I’m petrified to think that I might kill the one or other before the flat’s owner is back – I would have forbidden to him to rent out his place to us had I known the weight of this obligation 😉 😉 😉
    One of the good things of living (mostly) in France is that I can buy two stems of amaryllis (which I absolutely love) on our Friday market for €5.- and they last easily 10-14 days. I also have a plant waiting for the grand opening of its flowers but they never seem to survive the summer. Last years plant has been reduced to nothing TWICE by snails and when I took the pot inside the veranda, the damage eating continued although I can’t see any of the little buggers…. I’ve given up!


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