RDP Tuesday: Rain

Rain 22.01 (1)

It only rained once today, and yesterday too
Which means all is wet, if only sun broke through
It is getting wet, wet, wet, my hair is getting rusty
The winds are also blowing which means it is quite gusty
But if it did not rain, then life would be quite dry
I remember during the summer, with permanent blue sky
We had no drops of rain, sun shining all the day
The farmers were quite happy, they could make their hay
The climates are a changing, it never used to be like that
Summer were dry and winters were wet, the normal thermostate
Today I killed a fly, should not be here i the cold
But now it is too warm and they are getting bold
The climates are a changing, I heard it on the news
Some politicians do not believe it, all the normal shmoose
I wonder if Noah had climate change when he built his ark
Or was it all a publicity stunt to leave behind a mark
So let it rain and let is hail, perhaps a rainbow appears
Just make the most of what you get, it has been this way through the years


RDP Tuesday: Rain

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