RDP Monday: Uniform

Grandad and me in brownie uniform
All my life I was in uniform at least it seems to me
It started with the brownies as far as I could see
The photo shows my uniform together with granddad
A family photo to remember, in the dress that I was clad
We brownies were in brown although the tie was yellow
and then I progressed to the guides in blue, I became a fellow
Eventually I left the guides and entered my high school
And there it was another uniform all according to the rule
This time I was all in green And even wore a tie
It was striped with green and red, it really made me sigh
We had a badge on the jacket and also on the beret
to be seen at all times, that did not make me merry
And now the years have gone their way, no longer uniformed scenes
Although when I go out today I always wear blue jeans

 RDP Monday: Uniform

8 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Uniform

  1. There was a certain point in my teaching career when I went to a nice department store and bought “uniforms.” I’d discovered (not for the first time) it was easier to put on suits and hose and heels than figure out what to wear with my jeans. Now my uniform is jeans or shorts, t-shirt or wool shirt and a sweatshirt, every single day. I guess we just don’t like thinking about clothes…

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    • I use to make all my own clothes when I was a working woman from suits to coats. Today I would no longer wear a skirt or dress, unless the dress is one of those loose fitting dresses. I think our styles are very similar

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  2. I think we all wore some version of a uniform to work. It was easier to have everything match and be simple to put on quickly in the morning. Now, though, we dress in the other end of the uniform. Sweatshirts and sweaters and jeans and yoga pants and we are SO much more comfortable!

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  3. Twelve years of uniforms in Catholic schools and then one job I had made us wear uniforms. Now we have no dress code where I work, which is great. I think I would scream if we had to wear any more uniforms.

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    • I wore uniform six years at school. The next uniform was the Hannover Engineering fair where I worked for a week on our company stand, but that was a fashionable suit with skirt and jacket

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