RDP Thursday: Unaware

Garage door 26.11.2018

Approaching the closed garage door yesterday morning, I was unaware whether I could still do it. I turned the key in the car ignition on my own for the first time in half a year and the car moved on. I was on my way again, alone, to the unknown.

I was unaware if I could park the car at the store parking lot, unaware if a special space would be available for the handicapped. It was, another unaware struck from the list. I was unaware if I could walk the space with just a stick for support to the supermarket trolley, but I did it. These were the things I had only done with Mr. Swiss at my side since the year began.

I shopped, piled it into the car boot and again walked the empty space to the trolleys. I deposited my trolley and walked back alone again with just my stick for support and arrived in one piece at the car. My unawareness was gradually promoted to confidence.

I drove off in the car on my own, proud of my achievement and arrived home in the garage. As I was aware that I could only manage to bring one bag of shopping to my apartment, I had packed the goods I needed immediately on one bag to deposit in my walker, and the others I left in the car.

Now the awareness left me and the unknown happened. I took my walker, it slipped out of my hands and as the breaks were not fixed, it sailed to the other side of our large underground garage on it own. My stick was already fixed in the walker. I looked around but apart from the parked cars I was the only living person in the garage. I now had to make a decision. I tried to call Mr. Swiss in our apartment, but our garage has no signals.

The decision was made. I had to walk alone across the garage to my walker without support from my stick, which was sitting on the opposite wall. Head up, look ahead and not down, and move one leg after the other. Just pretend you have your walker with you and …… I did it. I am superwoman, no longer the bionic disaster.

So and now I have written it down for future generations. Every day has its adventure.

RDP Thursday: Unaware

21 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Unaware

    • That is my eternal threat, to fall and not get up afterwards. I now almost always use my walker, except when I am cleaning. I then have the mop or vacuum cleaner. It is like a Damocles sword hanging over my head.

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      • I know. I feel that way, too. Right now everything seems to be working pretty well, but both my knees are arthritic and I’ve been told they should be replaced. I don’t want to because that will limit me more than now, and, so far, they don’t hurt. It’s just you don’t know.

        In your case it’s worse. I don’t even know how many times I picked my dad up off the floor. He wasn’t as smart as you are — or he was more defiant or maybe just 40 years old. But it’s terrifying to fall and not be able to get up.

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        • If I fall to the ground Gravity has me. If I can manage to sit on a low object, it is easier to get more energy in my legs. If from there I get to a chair, then I have no problem to stand. As longbas i don’t break anything on the way. My MS is not so bad as others and luckily not so much pain. Just a weakness in the legs. It was also discovered late, although I don’t know if that makes a big difference. Today we realised that wegwill habe to get help putting clean linen on the beds. Both of us no longer have the strength.

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