RDP Wednesday: Brilliance

Restaurant Christmas Window 18.11.2018

Deck the shops with lots of light
It’s Christmas time and we do it right
But brilliance is not only a shine
It is also a talent of mine
Fifty years ago I moved to Switzerland
I don’t know why, it wasn’t even planned
Yes I met Mr. Swiss, and we got married
We became a pair, over the threshold I was carried
But now came the brilliant part because I became a Swiss
I then learned the language, that was almost a big miss
This country has many languages, that only the Swiss understand
So I learned Swiss German, by mutual command
It is a dialect, in this country there are many
But to understand all over the land is difficult, there are plenty
I did it after about five years, and everyone here knows it
But if I speak to someone else, then they must oppose it
With Swiss German I meet a permanent resilience
And can only talk to the Swiss who recognise my brilliance

 RDP Wednesday: Brilliance

10 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Brilliance

  1. Well, I think you are brilliant! It’s hard to believe that in such a small country, so many different dialects are spoken! They ought to work out some kind of linga franca so everyone can talk to everyone else.

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    • Basically we have four languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch (a laguage of its own spoke in a mountain canton – also with various dialects and sounding like something between latin and italian with a touch of german. I even understand it a little, but cannot speak it). The problem with german is that every town and Kanton has its own dialect. I basically speak Solothurn dialect, although I have a little Zürich mixed in where I lived for two years. Our Solothurn German is similar to Bern German. I understand most of them. Only the Wallis dialect and some mountain places can be a little difficult. Our radio news and TV news is spoken in high german and the kids are also supposed to speak and learn high german at school, but that is questionable.


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