FOWC with Fandango: Trail

Birdhouse 28.12 (22)

Follow the trail of bird seed where it goes
Sunflowers, grass, cannabis, just follow your nose
There is never any waste, the birds take it all
In the cold winter days they are having a ball
I once saw a sparrow who toppled where he sat
I got quite suspicious, I think he was too fat
In the morning they are waiting to see the arrival
As soon as the bread is spread, they pounce for survival
The crows are the first and begin to take their pick
Finches are waiting to join in the picnic
Now and again there might be a fight
They agree to disagree, it is their delight
So let the trails begin to lead the way to food
It is every bird for himself, the seeds must be chewed

Birdhouse 10.12 (31)

FOWC with Fandango: Trail

2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Trail

  1. I love the little guy with the yellow bellow. He looks a lot like our chickadee or the tufted-titmouse. I guess we all have a lot of little birds. I’m really enjoying having them chow down at our buffet 🙂

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    • It is a great tit. We do not have such a great variety as you have. This year I have only seen one tit. Usually there are many, but I don’t think it is cold enough yet.


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