Good Morning

Jura 26.11 (3)

Now and again I saw a little bit of Jura mountain peeping through the mist, but only now and again. The rest was wishful thinking and the clouds closed in on us.


But I did something yesterday to brighten up my home life, as I realised that the only time I could break out yesterday would be the usual trip to the supermarket. I was missing a schlumbergera at home, the so-called Christmas cactus. The one I had we not a great hit, and throughout the summer it lost some of its leaves and was generally hanging its head. I decided this year to get a new one, although the store did not have a great variety. Red ones were non existent so I got myself the one in the photo. Of course it has buds now, they sell them with buds. I just hope I will not kill it with kindness and it will multiply and grow this year.


I also have an amaryllis, one of the white alpine variety. I had one last year, but it toppled and fell and never really recovered again, so I binned it eventually. I am hoping this will be a success and grow. Two buds have already appeared. I will keep an eye on this one and hope it does not lose its balance. After it finishes flowering I will put it outside when the warmer weather arrives and feed it and water it. It will produce a lot of leaves and next year I am hoping it will again flower.

Christmas trees

I noticed at the supermarket outside yesterday that the Christmas trees are now ready and waiting, although end of November is a little early for a Christmas tree. The wrapping machine is poised to swallow the trees, and afterwards it will be neatly packed in a nylon net. I do not regret not having a Christmas tree myself, I do not have the room and my cat would probably find it to be a new extension of his cat tree for gymnastic exercises.

Solothurn Museum

As we drove past our local museum yesterday morning on the way to the store I saw this groups of Kindergarten children outside with their teacher. I assumed they were having a morning with a difference and having a look at what our museum has to offer.

My shopping expeditions are taking longer as by the time we are both ready to go it gets later. Mr. Swiss is no longer as fast as he was, and we both hobble around with our sticks and my wheeler. Generally I deposit him in the restaurant or on a bench whilst I do the action, but I am also getting slower. He is due for a cataract operation in a couple of months. His sight is no longer as it was and so the time has come for me to go shopping on my own with the car. Although I have MS I am still allowed to drive the car. When I do my own thing, I find it a lot easier to complete the quest. I do not drive with Mr. Swiss next to me as he makes me nervous, but driving alone is less a problem.  I just refuse to let this MS thing take over my life as it wants to. I can clean at home and cook. My main problem is walking longer distances, which is no longer possible, but for that I have an electric wheelchair. I have been doing the shopping on my own for at least a month as I have the trolley to lean on and it works well for me. I like to roam around on my own in the shops.

Today is cleaning lady day and she is busy with the work, so I should now make myself busy with cooking lunch. See you around later and do your best to enjoy the day.

Flower Shop Hauptgasse Solothurn 24,11,2018 (1)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • When they are new the first flowers are no problem . When it is finished just let the leaves grow throughout the Summer. In late Autumn the leaves begin to die. Give it regularly fertilizer throughout the Summer. Ignore it until December and then begin to give it water again and it will begin to grow, at least it should. I keep mine outside through the Summer


  1. Those trees in the background of the last picture look like blue Atlas cedars! I just featured deodar cedars. I do not know what cedars are grown there, so they could be something that I never heard of.

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