RDP Monday: Vigorous

Feldbrunnen 14.06 (2)

Me, vigorous? Of course I am
I sit on the computer whenever I can
There are places to see and challenges to complete
I have such stress for the appointments to meet
The sweat pours out of every cyber pore
My fingers get slippery on the keyboard all the more
Can you imagine the energy I spend every day
Just looking at the terminal and finding my way
Moving the mouse is such an exertion
No matter how I do it in a different version
Oh the stress of an online life for a golden oldie
It is a tough update life, I really am not mouldy
Of course I have other tasks to complete that need my strength
I do my best completing them, but only at arm’s length
Tennis and running, and playing other games?
Oh no, that is too vigorous, my energy would be flames
Nice and easy and time to relax
That’s the way to go, energy I do not tax
So heed my message, slow an easy is the ride
Just let the computer do it, and push action on one side

RDP Monday: Vigorous

8 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Vigorous

    • I have no trouble with Pingbacks. I do it all in html, whether that makes a difference or not I do not know. I have two computers, the normal Windows 10 and an Apple. Windows gives me no problem, but since the new update from Apple I have problems with comments on WordPress. I have to log in everytime I want to post a like, and sometimes it does not work, although I discovered myself how to go around it. But Apple is a problem and if you have an apple that might be why your pingbacks are not being accepted. I sometimes have a problem posting a like on your site, but if I remember I catch up on it on my Windows machine. I generally work on Apple during the day, but do my photo work on Windows.


      • I have three Apples and one PC. I always work on the Apples because that is what i learned on 35 years ago. Yikes. And, what I’ve used ever since. Sometimes I can pingback, sometimes have to use comments, but they still need to be approved and whoever does it Monday always seems to be the slowedst–all day today. I think it also has to do with how many tags you have.. or how many prompts you use in one post. WP counts some as spam. Just maddening that one day it works and another it doesn’t. I get tired of checking. Guess with all the world’s problems this is a pretty insignificant one. Thanks for answering..

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