RDP Sunday: Plastic

Renovation 02.10 (3)

I grew up in a plastic place
Everything neutral and had no taste
Mum gave me milk from a plastic bottle
And I was packed in plastic wattle
Mum said she was real, but I had my doubt
Even the teapot had a plastic spout
Father Christmas had a plastic beard
I began to think that this was so weird
But it was all very colourful and nothing would break
My dolls lived forever, a permanent keepsake
I went to school, we had plastic books
They never got dirty, we hung them on hooks
My shoes were plastic, just a wash would do
The mud was real, or was it plastic too
When I grew older the plastic remained
It never disintegrated and never got stained
Family members that went vamoose
Were buried in plastic, for recycling use
Plastic is the solution, just throw it away
The problem is that it is here to stay
I went on holiday to bathe in the sea
I just swum amongst plastic, and went on a spree
I saw a fish, or was it a seal,
It was not of plastic, but it was real
And now it is gone, there used to be plenty
But plastic killed them all,  the sea is now empty

RDP Sunday: Plastic

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