Good Morning

Clouds 24.11 (6)

A silhouette of Solothurn as I approached the town yesterday afternoon. The sun was shining and outlines the rooftops. This morning we have another misty one, just fog everywhere

Morning Mist

but it can only get better, I hope.

Yesterday I took a wheelie into town in the afternoon with the hope of something new to discover.

Kreuzackerbruck 24.11.2018

It was mostly people taking a walk and having a look around. You can see the Christmas lights hanging across the street. I should really make an effort to get into town in the evening when it is lit up, but wheeling around in a chair is not my thing when it is dark. The street cafés are now empty outside with the exception of a brave few, the people now settling inside for their coffee and talk.

Hofer Stalden 24.11.2018

I always pass this flower shop when I enter town. They always have such a good display outside, now more featuring Christmas stuff.

Flower Shop Hauptgasse Solothurn 24,11,2018 (2)

On my way through town I noticed there was a car driving around. Basically they are kept out of town during the day, but have permission to deliver goods or bring people to various hotels. Suddenly a lady passed me and said I should move over as there was a car coming. I smiled and went on. Smiles always do the job and the car could wait.  I am really getting grumpy in my old age. As I crossed the bridge another lady exchanged a few words as she saw my camera. She found that Solothurn is a wonderful town for taking photos and she was also constantly taking them. I told her that I am usually taking the same shots and she said so does she, but you always get a different angle somewhere. It is good to talk to people on my way when they are friendly.

Aare 24.11.2018 (2)

As I crossed the bridge over the Rive Aar I saw there was a small boat making its way. The river is so much different now that the summer tourists and holiday makers have deserted it. The town is now left to itself and there is no longer such a stress. I really enjoy my wheelies through town, the peace and quiet. Yesterday I forgot my gloves when I left home, but I was lucky. It was not as cold as usual and my hands did not freeze.

Along the Aare 24.11.2018 (2)

I eventually decided to roll on home, along the river bank. There were just a few people with the same idea. As I approached the bridge our local road train was making its way over.

I eventually arrived home and was ready for a warm up.  I had a pizza to make for the evening meal. I decided to do my own. At the moment I am in a cooking mood, although nothing too fancy. Today it will be typical Swiss with sliced veal in a cream sauce and mushrooms. A Rösti to go with it. I will not be making any big tours today, but will try for some photos at home. I am trying to get some bird photos, but whenever I approach the bird house they fly away – must have a sixth sense.

And now to move on, even the apartment needs a tidy up now and again. Mr. Swiss is still sleeping, something to do with the Sunday morning tradition.

Ducks 24.11 (2)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Beautiful! I read from the internet (that’s where I always go to satisfy my curiosity) that Solothurn is considered a very sophisticated “Baroque town in Switzerland, where Italian grandeur is combined with French charm and German practicality.” Lucky you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • A good description. It is one of the oldest towns in Switzerland, founded by the Romans. Because of its close proximity to the french speaking part of Switzerland we do have a certain french influence.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That would be odd to not be able to drive downtown, or to try to avoid driving there. I drive everywhere. I sometimes think when I see pictures of old European towns, that my cars would not even fit on those roads. My old Dodge Dart and the little Chevrolet Blazer would, but the larger cars would not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We don’t have such wide roads here and big Amercan cars are not very common. We have a Fabbia Skoda but drove Volvo many years as Mr. Swiss worked for them. That was a nice comfortable car


  3. Your first silhouette photo look very wintry!

    I think we all have favorite places to take pictures. I think anyone with a camera in Uxbridge has taken pictures of the falls and dam on the Mumford. It’s almost impossible to walk across it an NOT take a picture. I didn’t realize you couldn’t take a car into your town. That must make it much safer for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is only the old town and a certain times. If I have an appointment with my neurologist Mr. Swiss can bring me and pick me up afterwards. I have a special permit for handicapped. There is really no room in our old town for traffic. Of course the cars delivering goods to the shops are allowed. That is one of the advantages of wheeling around in my chair. The sidewalks are often too high to go up and down for me.


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