RDP Friday: Shop


One of my sales people in the butcher’s department of the supermarket made me a very happy person today. Not Erika, the one in the photo, but she is representative for all of them, all wonderful people.

Last week I realised that Christmas for us, the big day, will be on a Monday, 24h December. This means that first of all we have a week-end of shopping to survive before the actual Chrismas hoidays begin and the shops will again close on 24th in the evening until 27th December. So how do I get my shopping with all the special goodies and keep it so long: no problem. I am not a Christmas person and there will be just me, Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son for the meals. There is a certain amount of planning to be done and have fresh and good food. I am not a person that freezes everything, I like to pick and choose my meat ready to eat when I buy it.

I timidly asked the butcher today if they are open for sales on 24th and he informed me, with such a reassuring happy smile, not only, but they will also be open on 23rd, which is a Sunday. This means that I can order my meat in December and pick it up fresh on 23rd to enable a good survival over Christmas. The guy was so friendly and helpful, so what could possibly go wrong. My Christmas food shopping is now organised.

Christmas shopping for gifts does not exist in the Angloswiss home. I do not celebrate Christmas as such and spending money just for the sake of buying something no longer exists. Of course, my one and only grandchild will have his gift, but at the age of 15 months he is the special one. I do not think he realises what Christmas is yet, he has not yet been inaugurated in the buying obligation. He was on a visit last week and I have a collection of soft toys, bunnies and dogs and all sorts. I found a strange little beetle with legs on a string and he pounced on it with exclamations of “yeah” in such a sweet voice that I realised it is not how big and grand the gift is, but the feeling it awakes in the child’s mind. He gripped it with his little fingers and proudly took it home, not letting go. They are the things that really give Christmas a meaning for me.

So where was I, yes shopping. The next step is make a list of the food I will need. I know what I will be cooking, nothing fancy, but good. Once a year you should spoil yourself.

British Shop

Today the only Christmas catalogue I bother with arrived in the post. After a quick look through I saw they are delivering British Christmas Puddings, so I will probably order one. Being a Brit a little tradition is still there and I am not making my own. I have got lazy in my gold oldie days and I will have a dessert for the Christmas meal.

Yes my shopping will be an organised thing, some online, but above all no stress.

RDP Friday: Shop

10 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Shop

  1. I have to find something that everyone likes and to which no one is allergic! Everyone is sensitive to or allergic to something and it becomes a game of chess to make one meal! We just had ham for Thanksgiving which is what I usually make on Christmas Eve, so I have to figure out something different for Christmas Eve.

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    • After cooking for all forsook many years I have my routine food. It seems that certain people are beginning to have ideas that certain foods do no agree with them, but that is their problem and they can leave it if they don’t want it


  2. I keep telling myself I must get my Christmas pudding and Christmas cake made. Of course, I could buy them. There is even a local lady who makes and sells very good cakes but it’s a small tradition that I like to continue to make them myself for as long as I am able. The shops here will be open extra hours until Christmas Eve so getting supplies will be no problem.

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    • I used to bake cakes a lot, but since I no longer have a job, I no longer bother. My no.1 son eats everything but I hear continuously wordsof no being hungry an I have lost all interest on baking for the others. I am now glad that my shopping problem has solved itself with the times.


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