Good Morning

Schanz Altstadt 22.11.2018

Was it the white rabbit that was always late in Alice in Wonderland. Today I am late, but my bed was so comfortable I just slept and slept. Usually I begin to dither around on my iPad from the bed to catch up on comments made during the night, This morning I was awoken by my alarm which is rare and had some catching up to do, but I think I have done it, although who cares. I am not going anywhere special, although there is a complete week-end shopping to do, but what does it matter. I did not even have time to glance through the local newspaper online to see the newest arrivals in the obituaries. OK, it might be a bit dim, but I discovered it is one of the pastimes of the golden oldies, especially when we realise that we know  knew some of them.

Yesterday I actually ventured into town in the afternoon. It was cold, but I survived, Wheeling around in a wheelchair might not be energetic but I was kept busy with the camera. I decided to wheel into the south of the town, although passed our fortifications on the way there.

Boat on the Aare 22.11 (2)

I saw this brave man kayaking on the river. He looked like one of the tough ones.

Hauptgasse 22.11.2018 (2)

As usual the town was almost empty when I entered. Where do the people go? It is no longer the hustle and bustle it used to be. I noticed a couple of tents in the distance. On a closer look I discovered they were signed with the name of one of our banks and perhaps something might be developing there.

Dornacherplatz Christmas village 22.11 (3)

I decided to wheel down to the South of the town across the river as I read in the newspaper that they are building some sort of Christmassy village there. Up to now there is not much to see, they are still building it, but an interesting tent has arrived.

Dornacherplatz Christmas village 22.11 (1)

There is also something hidden behind this blind, so I am looking forward to discovering something new next week perhaps. When December arrives we will have our Christmas market and that will be worth a visit. There is always something going on somewhere. In the olden days before my walking problems were something realistic, I never bothered with these things, but since being mobile with a chair, I have discovered a positive side of it all that I did not realise would exist.

Arms Shop Goldgasse 22.11.2018

I even discovered this shop yesterday whilst wheeling down our Goldgasse. Who would have thought that guns and rifles would be sold openly in a shop in Switzerland, although I believe you have to show some sort of permission to actually buy one. I think the idea is for the hunters. Actually every able bodied Swiss has a rifle under the bed or in a cupboard somewhere. It belongs to the equipment you take with you when you do your annual army service. My No. 2 son had one, and had to do his practice one a year like all the others. When he served his time and was discharged from the army and he returned his rifle, although for a special price he could have bought and kept it. The ammunition was always in a sealed box and only to be used in an emergency such as protecting the Swiss borders., but I have my cat for that.

St. Urs. Altstadt 22.11.2018

So I took a peek at our cathedral looming over the rooftops as I departed on my way home. This time I took the normal road and not along the river bank. It was too cold and unfriendly.

Baselstrasse 22.11 (1)

I passed by one of our local churches. I know we have churches everywhere, it is all roman catholic. I also noticed that the local Jura mountains were begininning to gather their misty shrouds again although I did see the sun at least twice yesterday.

I am still behind so will disappear. I can already hear Mr. Swiss with his vacuum cleaner and I should also do my bit. The shopping list is made and there are deeds to be done.

Enjoy the daily routine and just look on the bright side of it, if you find it. Keep well and as fit as possible.

Lanhaus 22.11.2018

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. So I look at your lovely town and I realize that if this area weren’t so pretty, this would be a terribly dull town. It really IS a pretty dull town, but we’ve got a lot of pretty places, so that makes up for a lot.


    • Towns can be dull, but if you scratch a little on the surface, you find something new. I travel alone in my chair and that is a big advantage as I can go places and see things without taking any consideration of the others. And there us always siomething new happening.


  2. What a different attitude about guns. I do not own a gun here. I never was any good with them. If I want a turkey or deer, I chase it to the neighbor’s house and get him to . . . ‘get’ it. I would likely miss. I never felt so unsafe in my Community that I felt a gun was necessary. However, I feel safer knowing that the neighbors have guns, and that outsiders do not know who has guns and who does not. Furthermore, I know that America would be safer if more of the good guys carried guns. Some of those who go crazy and start shooting at people would not be able to shoot so many if more of their targeted victims shot back. Yet, so many here want to outlaw guns for law abiding citizens.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This shop is the only one of its kind in town. Even Mr. Swiss remembers it as a boy. It is mainly for hunters and they are only allowed to hunt at certain times of the year. All able bodied men in Switzerland that serve in the army have their rifle at home and they must bring it with them when they do their annual 3 Weeks service. They have a sealed box of ammunition, but not allowed to open it. Otherwise Switzerland is notable country where everyone might have his gun at home. And I could never eat an animal that I knew when it was alive

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