Good Morning

Morning Mist

It does not get more misty than it was today. When I raised the blinds I saw only the outlines of the trees, so it can only get better I hope. It actually looks like the sun might even be peeping through later, although there are chilly temperatures out there. Needless to say I did not go anywhere yesterday except for my shopping trip and that was the usual. My life seems to be a slow motion thing at the moment. I can move OK, but am worried about making a false step somewhere. My supermarket trolley is now my anchor, but it works.

Bakery in Store

The advantage of walking around the store on my own is that I can do my own thing. Much of the bread is made on the premises in a show baking area where you can see them doing the work, so I shot a photo. It is all very well done and afterwards the finished loaves are baked in the oven and come fresh into the shop.

Sparrows 20.11.2018

As I look out of the kitchen window I see that the sparrows are already waiting in the trees. I cut up my bread remainders this morning and they are now arriving to see if thre are any pickings. At the moment I only see sparrows. The crows have not yet arrived.

Horses 20.11 (1)

On my last walk a couple of days ago in the village I noticed the horses were all there wrapped in their warm covers.

Horses 20.11 (3)

I was not really planning on a trip anywhere today, but a journey into town will break the monotony. There are now very few shoppers around. The town used to be teeming with people shopping, but it seems that shopping is no longer what it used to be. I noticed our town is now full of service shops like hairdressers and restaurants. There are two large supermarkets, but the smaller food shops no longer exist. We have one butchers shop in the whole town and there used to be four or five of them. It seems to be full of souvenir shops and a few jewellers. Even Christmas shopping is no longer, everything being bought online. I do not mind and avoid crowds where I can.  I have never entered a shop with my wheelchair up to now.

Mr. Swiss has decided not to go into town this morning. I have all the food I need for today at home and need nothing more.

I noticed that the days really repeat themselves, but we golden oldies are no longer as adventurous as we were. I remember the time when we would decide to make a trip to perhaps Bern, our capital city, even Zürich, but they are now gone.

View over Bern
We have no longing to walk the streets and go shopping. I think it must be at least 10 years since I visited another town in Switzerland. I think I am becoming a sort of golden oldie hermit. What would I do without a computer, it keeps me in touch.

And now to move on, for the usual routine.

Clouds 20.11.2p018

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I used to love to go to town and browse around the shops but these days there is not a lot in the shops that I want to look at. I liked to look at homewares and manchester but a few months ago standing in a store in Hobart I looked around and realised that there was nothing that attracted my eye so I left. Now go to Hobart less often and only when I need something that I can’t or don’t want to buy online. It is not only that the shops have less to offer than you can buy online but also that the modern decorating trends don’t appeal to me. Also, I can buy everyday items I need in the Op Shop for a lot less money. It’s a bit sad though. Shopping in the city used to be a fun day out for us.

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    • Shopping has certainly taking on another meaning today. I now just like to wheel around and see interesting stuff, but I have absolutely no interest in buying anything. At home I wear my home clothes and in the wheelchair you do not need anything new to wear, so that cancels out the clothes and I am glad to escape that stress. The shops have nothing new to offer for me I noticed. And what shops. I took some photos yesterday and asked how the shops survived with their silly souvenirs ans glittery stuff. If I really need something, I go online and search for it. At the moment all I need is a contraption to pick up stuff that I drop at home.

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      • Yes exactly, if you spend most of your life at home you don’t need a lot of fancy clothes and I make mine last anyway. Have you got one of those things with a gripper on the end to pick things up? It wouldn’t work for everything but it might help if you don’t. I thoght about getting one to reach things from high cupboards so I don’t have to keep getting the step ladder just to get a tin of baked beans but with my luck I’d drop them on my head. 🙂


  2. This is the time of year that I dread going into town most, or at least the bigger cities. Yesterday was Black Friday, although, I am told that it was not all that bad locally. I did not notice that the traffic was all that bad, but with our first rain since last spring, the roads were all wet. I will be going to San Jose in the morning.

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      • I believe that is why it was calmer yesterday.
        Back in about 1986, my baby sister got one of those creepy but very trendy ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’ for Christmas. It was missing an arm because it was torn off in a brawl at the department store where it was purchased from. Who give a child a mutilated doll?! Anyway, it would have been very valuable if someone bothered to sell it at the time. It is worthless now.

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