Good Morning

Clouds 20.11.2018

So let’s see what we have this morning. Our sky is grey again, but looks promising, so who knows. Yesterday afternoon on my wheelie through the top half of the village we had some blue sky, although it was quite cold. I was wrapped up in my scarf, padded jacket and gloves, so carried on regardless. I decided it was time to see what was going on in my village.

Church Feldbrunnen 20.11.2018

The sun was shining on the village church, which is always a good sign. Like all churches it is perched on a high point for everyone to see when they go past.

Castle Waldegg 20.11.2018

Our castle Waldegg was also looking good, although the gardens around it are now quite bare. Most of the flowers and plants have been removed for the Winter although I noticed a few arrangements still existing in the cemetery as I wheeled through.

Flowers 20.11.2018

I do not know what these are, but I think some sort of sage. The cemetery was empty, except for the permanent residents of course and I was the only living visitor it seems. It is on my way and gives me a good scenery when wheeling.

Cows 20.11 (2)

I was surprised to see a few cows out on the pastures grazing. Probably their last chance before the frost and snow arrives and before they disappear into the stalls throughout the Winter.

Chickens 20.11 (2)

The chickens seemed to be holding a meeting and discussion of the daily affairs, huddled together.

Goose 20.11 (1)

There we also a couple of geese around keeping an eye on the chickens, so everything under control. I do miss the summer days when there were all sorts of livestock moving around on the farm. The ducks were probably keeping warm in their various little houses now and the swans were nowhere to be seen. Again I seemed to be the only one moving around outside, but I needed the change from being cooped up at home. I was only away for just over an hour.

Today is again a shopping morning. My plans are made for lunch. I decided on a plain hamburger, garnished with some fried onion and baked tomatoes with fried mini potatoes. I think these little cooking experiments are the highlights of my housewife life. Otherwise no big plans for today and I decided to take it easy.

Today I will buy a Christmas cactus at the store. My online friend Marilyn reminded me in her post that they were beginning to flower again. The one I had last year suffered throughout our summer and it was not such a good one. I had bought a pink one, but the red ones are more resistant it seems to me.  As you can see my daily life is full of excitement.  I just saw a misunderstanding outside my kitchen window in the garden between a crow and a magpie. They both wanted the same piece of bread I had thrown out, but the crow won and the magpie is now sulking in a tree. I have just heard the first ambulance siren of the day passing through the village from the local hospital, not a happy sound.

And now to move on with the daily clean and tidy up. Mr. Swiss asks why I bother every day, but something is missing in my routine when I do not do it. I have a good feeling afterwards

So look that you also have good feelings today and make the most of it. Those that are still sleeping, enjoy it.

Flower Arrangement 20.11.2018

And here I am stealing another grave arrangement for the flowering greeting of the day.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. This when those of us in northern climate seem to “tuck in” for the winter. Everything is about getting ready. Maybe the last time the cows will be outside. And the sky is so blue! We will have a very cold day with wind tomorrow and the next day, but maybe less cold on the weekend. Time to find the heavy coat.

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  2. You have some extra specially nice pictures today. The church, the livestock, and the flowers. Cemeteries can be quite pleasant places to stroll through, not at all creepy; at least during the day. I like to read the old headstones.

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    • I am a bit of a cemetery tourist. Whenever we went somewhere on holiday, I always had a look at the local cemetery and I know most of the European cemeteries. This was a walk in the local village which is very much rural.

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