16 thoughts on “FOTD 21.11.2018: Calla

  1. I haven’t tried to grow them because no one has given me any. Everything I grow, someone gave me, except for the hanging pots outside in the summer. When I was much more seriously into plants, I used to find cuttings on my porch when I came home from work. Everyone gave me pieces of thing. One of these days, someone will give me a Calla Lily. Meanwhile, my next branch of orchids is unfurling. I wonder if they will be the same color?

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    • I like plants that return regularly. They give less to do. I always have an orchid somewhere. They flower for so long, but mine do not often flower again


  2. My common white callas were planted by my great grandparents in the early 1940s. No one has ever been able to get rid of them. I took some to my home where I did not care if the become a weed!

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          • It can be. It had plenty of space at my home. I probably should not have planted it so close to the creek so high up though. I did not think about it at the time. (That part of the creek is not infested with exotic species yet.) The problem at the home of my great grandparents is that space was limited, and the callas kept trying to gain more. They were easy enough to dig up, but they kept coming back.

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