RDP Tuesday: Broadcast

HESO 2018 29.09 (12)

I took the photo at our local trade fair where our local radio was broadcasting live.

I grew up with the radio. Television only came into my life when I was about 8 years old. I think it was a question of money, being in a working class family in the poorer part of London, but our radio was unique. It must have originated some time after the war and I am sure when it was new, it was a good radio.

We had short wave, long wave and medium wave, as the various sequences were named at the time and it was running from morning to evening. Our local station was BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). In the morning I remember a programme “Music   While you Work” for the the workers to listen to in their various factories. Sunday lunch was accompanied by the Billy Cotton Band Show. An orchestra that just played with their resident singers. Not a great band, but it gave you something to listen to. There were British Comedy Shows: The Goons, Life with the Lyons, Anthony Hancocks Half Hour etc. etc. We even got Radio Luxembourg and Hilversum. Two foreign senders known for their good music and quite clear, although often the sound would fade and return again. They were the symptoms of the early day radio reception.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (16)

Our old radio looked something like this. One day the catastrophe happened. We were twiddling around on the knobs and suddenly the dial would no longer move. The connecting wires had disconnected and broken after about 30 years, but dad to the rescue. He removed the front of the radio and wound string around the knobs. I did not realise he had such talent, but somehow it worked and our radio station changing mechanism was saved.

This old radio accompanied me throughout my younger life. We remained working class, but technical improvements became more reasonable and one day on a birthday I wished for a portable radio and got it. At least modern broadcasting had entered our lives. Although I somehow missed the surface noise, the loud and soft fading tones and all those countries from far and wide.

We also had a radio later where mum found the channel for the police cars, now that was interesting.

And today? As I write this I hear the radio broadcasting in the background, just music, but it belongs to our daily life.

RDP Tuesday: Broadcast

12 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Broadcast

  1. A friend of mine actually has an old portable radio that he used until the string to the dial broke the way you described. He had a handy friend who fixed it for him but after a week or so it broke again and he was too embarrassed to take it back to his friend so soon so he had to join the world of modern radios.

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      • That’s right but now unless it is very upmarket equipment it is deemed not worth it. In my recent Choice consumer magazine they had a list of household items and whether it was worth repairing them. In most cases they said if it was more than a few years old don’t bother. Quite depressing. I hate wasting stuff.

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