Good Morning

First Snow

We got a little brushing of snow yesterday, but nothing impressive. It began in the morning with some ice crystals falling and after my lunchtime sleep, we had a very thin layer. Of course any outings were now cancelled and I watched it through the window.

I am a little later today, as it is cleaning lady day, but she phoned hardly able to talk as she has caught a heavy cold and is staying at home. Actually I do not mind because Mr. Swiss and I had a restless night behind us. He had back pains and I was restless in bed and did not sleep very well at all. I think it was because I probably slept too long yesterday lunchtime. The result was no-one really wanted a cleaning lady this morning, but I did not want to call her off. She did it herself with her cold and now we are settling down to a relaxing morning. I did my own cleaning and everything is fine.

Railway Barrier 19.11 (1)

Yesterday morning was a normal trip to the supermarket and just as we were leaving our estate the barrier descended from the local railway. I also noticed that we could see the Jura mountains in the background which are usually covered in clouds in the morning.

Christmas Tree with lights

When we arrived at the supermarket I was please to see that the lights were still burning on their Christmas tree. They usually turn them off before we arrive, but yesterday was a dull day.

Christmas Supermarket Decorations

Even the entrance of the mall still had the lights burning. By the way if you wonder what the name Ladedorf means, it is “Shop Village”. I am really not a Christmas person, but I do enjoy the decorations.

Mistletoe 19.11 (1)

On the way home from the supermarket I noticed that the mistletoe was again visible on the trees. During the Summer it disappears amongst the green lush of the tree, but as soon as the leaves fall in Autumn we see the bunches hanging again.

Now I just have to cook lunch and take it easy. If it would brighten up this afternoon, I would risk a little journey somewhere. I have not been through the cemetery or to the farm for some time. Sometimes I like to get out for some fresh air and see what the animals are up to.

Chickens 08.11 (4)

I just had a quick look through my photos and realised that the last farm visit was a couple of weeks ago. I am sure the chief rooster is missing me.

And now to cook something for lunch. It will be some sliced pork with veg and something we call Spätzli, which is a chopped pastry, fried in whatever you fry it in. I am a butter cook. It goes well with the sauce to the meat. Spätzli actually means little sparrows in English, although I do not know why it is called with that name.


And here are my spätzli. I could make them myself, but it is a lot of messy work and the ready made ones in the supermarket are very good. They are made with egg and flour and all the usual pastry ingredients.

And now I am off to cook and generally laze around. Today is a day of rest. I have even cleaned my windows, although no big job as they are quite clean. Just rubbed them up with a special cloth.  Mr. Swiss just remarked how clean everything is at home, but I have nothing better to do really.

Enjoy your day, take it easy, and no stress. It is not worth it, we get there eventually one way or the other.

Jura 10.11 (7)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is looking chilly in your corner of the world. We’ve just had 3 warm, sunny days in a row but now the rain is back. Still, it saves me watering the garden so I don’t really mind. My roses are nearly all blooming or about to now.

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  2. We like spatzle. Another food we enjoy from my husband’s side of the family, but we don’t often get it here. Occasionally we see it in Lidl as a limited time offer and then we stock up on it. It’s the dried version though, so not as nice as yours!

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  3. We had the same kind of day, except our day began at UMass where Garry had a stress test. I had a mini stress test just trying to figure out what building we were supposed to be in. One single address is a giant cluster of buildings. And there are six clusters along Routh 9 in Worcester.

    Where it was snowing. A little bit.

    By the time we got to the grocery store in Uxbridge, it was raining. Tomorrow is the day before OUR Thanksgiving, so we were either going to buy groceries, or it was going to be double stress for us both.

    Except — I forgot to bring a camera. Garry was actually shocked. He couldn’t believe I didn’t have a camera. I was shocked too. I just didn’t imagine I would need one. Will I never learn?


    • Inhave got so slow sine last weeks problems, but I have realized I am not going anywhere special. I am really not walking so well but have the trolley to lean on, and manage better on my own.
      You are welcome to thanksgiving. I don’t think I could manage that one so near to Christmas
      I also forgot my camera last week, but I always have my mobile phones, although I don’t get the closeups so well


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