RDP Monday: Jewel

First Snow

Today we got our jewels and they fell from the sky
It goes under the name of snow, and now it will lye
There is not very much, just a sprinkle here and there
But it doesn’t cost anything and is making me aware
Winter is upon us, days of Summer fun are away
But for every season a reason, and there might soon be a sleigh
I was never a fan of Winter with its cold and all the ice
But now I am getting older and find it very nice
I do not have to go to work and fight my way through blizzard
I can now relax at home and pretend to be a wizzard
By enjoying the scenery and quiet of the land
Everything has it positive side, even a snowy hand
I read of the prominent that buy their diamond rings
To celebrate a birithday or many other things
They show off their wealth, but who are we to admire
It does not impress me, I am really not afire
You cannot take it with you, but leave it all behind
But the snow will one day fall on my grave and my resting place is signed

 RDP Monday: Jewel

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