RDP Sunday: Mug

King Georg and Queen Mary Coronation mug

There are mugs and mugs of all shapes and sizes
Was Queen Mary the mug or did she get surprises
She should have married the brother but he lived no longer
But a King it should be and someone much stronger
She had no choice, but they met and they  kissed
Was it just fate, or did they go on a tryst
King George did his duty so he took what he got
No-one asked him if he wanted to tie the knot
They had six children so they were not just holding hands
And there was definitely no misunderstand
If you are chosen to be Queen you must make it last
But the mug still exists to show from the past

RDP Sunday: Mug

11 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Mug

    • The mug is an heirloom from grandad which I got from my mum and dad. It is an interesting story of the marriage of King George and Queen Mary actually. I have a set of mugs from the local supermarket with their various products on them which I usually use. I do not like the mega sized mugs very much.


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