RDP Saturday: Zip


Sorry to be a day late on this one, but being in Europe it only arrived at midnight yesterday, as it seems that it was delayed all over the world. It is now morning after breakfast, so I will have to make it short.

I attended dressmaking for 15 years in an evening class, mainly for making clothing, but there were a few other bits and pieces I learned. Sewing in zips were one of them. Repairing zips is a matter of impossibility, so rip out the old and sew in the new. Inserting zips in dresses was part of the dress making task, but the zips that broke or no longer hooked in as they should were a nuisance. First of all cut out the old one, and pin in the new one and then organise the sewing machine with the right foot. It was all very annoying and a long process.

The worst zips were those on the bed linen, the duvet and as they were mostly made of nylon, they often broke. They were also mega long and you had to find one in the store long enough. They sell them by the meter here, but they are useless and break already when you fit them into the duvet. I usually removed the old one and bought two of the longest metal ones, which meant sewing two zips in, one from the right, the other from the left, to get the length.

They used to make the fasteners with buttons and button holes, but that is now a thing of the past. Duvets are not cheap, so repair rather than buy a new one.

Perhaps one day something new will be invented, but until then we will still have to zip it up.


Of course we also have the complicated two sided zips on the jackets and heaven forbid if they break. They are difficult enough to tie and you have to get them to fit in perfectly before pulling them up. This is a two sided zip as the jacket is also reversible. Even more complications.

And now to go and hope that no zips break today. Mr. Swiss likes the zip on my lips best of all he says.

RDP Saturday: Zip

7 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Zip

  1. I got a chuckle about Mr Swiss and zipping your lips. Must be a guy thing. I recall my husband saying that to me….once or twice. 🙂 Double sided zippers–I have one on a jacket I love–but that zipper is a royal pain. I have taken to not even bothering with it. Way too much trouble!

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