RDP Friday: Snooze

Waltham Abbey 15.07 (5)

How to snooze in Walthem Abbey in England.

I snooze every day in the afternoon
After dinner I like to swoon
I relax in my bed and then fall asleep
Oh what a lovely feeling to collapse in a heap
Just doing nothing and taking a break
Ignoring the world and not having to wake
Today I was tired from cooking the food
I had to relax to get in the right mood
And now I am awake and ready to go
Although I am not sure where, I will take it real slow
Sitting at the desk and writing a blog
is making me feel tired, although I should really unclog
But what is the point, I will only get the blues
I think I will return to bed and have another snooze

ย RDP Friday: Snooze

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