RDP Wednesday: Birthday

Santa in Migros advertisement

When our supermarket had this advertisement for Christmas last year, they had to withdraw it, but I managed a photo before it disappeared. Even Santa is a human, just like us, but his flatulance results are ice crystals.

We are talking about birthdays and I have the unfortunate date of 6th December  on my documents as being my birthday. OK, no big deal, but this is St. Nicholas day and this is celebrated all over inland Europe by giving the kids bags of nuts and tangerines and all sorts of Christmas sweets packed nicely in a Santa Claus Sack. This means that since I have been living in Switzerland, I have to share my birthday with the kids. I had to buy my kids all their sweet gifts. Of course they gave me presents as well, but it is not the same is it?

It should be my special day for I, me and myself and not fade into the shadows of SantaClaus day. I feel stolen, cheated, conned or whatever. I want my day for myself. I do not want to share it with the children’s population of Europe. Did you hear me Santa, do something, shift your birthday to a couple of weeks later.

Santa sack

RDP Wednesday: Birthday

13 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Birthday

  1. My mum’s birthday was 25th December so she had a lifetime of sharing her birthday with Christmas. Two of her sisters were born on 13th December and she told us that for the first few years of her life she had to have her birthday on that day as well until her sisters were old enough to understand why she was getting more presents than everyone else on Christmas Day. Of course, some relatives gave the combined Christmas/Birthday gift and mum’s birthday was in danger of getting lost altogether. Naomi and I made a point of getting her a birthday present and cake and we would have a small celebration during Christmas Day so she still had a proper birthday.

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