Good Morning


This is a quick one, to let you know that I am more or less alive and kicking.  Yesterday I had an MS relapse and spent the afternoon in the hospital and early evening having iinfusions for this and that and have another appointment this afternoon for a second infusion for the relapse. I have been quite giddy since yesterday, but they gave me a sleeping tablet for the night which helped.

My neurologist was contacted, and I am now re-organsing my life a little based on walkers instead of stick, but am trying to do what I usually do, although even slower. My main problem is keeping upright which is working OK up to now. I also spoke to the chief neurologist in the hospital who confirmed it was a clear case of a relapse. And this is what ambulace door look like from the inside when you are being transported.

Ambulance doors from inside

Perhaps I might not be here so much, on the other hand life gets boring when I do not get around so much as I should.  See you around sometime, but do not know when.

43 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Poor Pat; you really are the only person I know who would take a photo when entering an ambulance car 😉
    May you recover quickly and even more importantly, may the doctors find the right medications to help you to function again without too much bother. Sending a bunch of well-wishes to your room!

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    • There is no cure for MS but there are medications that help to slow the process. I inject every second day, but now I need something for the scrub i had yesterday.
      Taking photos in the ER kept me busy

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  2. Just got a chance to read your Good Morning post, and wow! You sure had an eventful afternoon & evening. Glad you’re feeling better today. I had to smile at your photos, because of course that’s what you’d do…take some pictures of it all! As you’d say…what could be better…new photo opportunities! Take care. ❤

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    • I still have a third day of infusion and afterwards tablets. It is now all cortisone against an infection, but at least no longer so giddy, more to come, but only a little. Have not so much spare time backwards and forwards to the hospital


  3. I am so sorry that you must contend with this. It is so not what I expected from ‘Good Morning’. You pictures are so cheerful that it is not easy to think of difficulties at your end.

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