Good Morning

Market, for pets 12.11.2018

Big disappointment for me yesterday. I was off to town in the afternoon to see what the monthly market had to offer. I was taking photos and also of the beautiful clouds we had as the sun was shining. It was really a perfect afternoon. However, if you do not check your camera for the various settings, it could be that the dial has moved to something totally not wanted and this was the case. I took about 50 photos and managed to rescue 8 of them, the others were absolutely useless, and so no great pictures today. I decided to disappear again this afternoon to town and hope that I will be more successful, although the market is only once a month.

This morning I am later as my cleaning lady is busy bringing my bathroom and shower up to a high polish, which she does very well. To accompany her I have cleaned my front windows and put the meal on cooking. Mr. Swiss had an appointment at the hospital at 7.30 a.m. this morning meaning that he had to stop hugging the bed at 6.00 a.m. poor thing. He tried to get a later appointment but it was not possible. The advantage was that he was already at home again at 9.00 a.m.

Filming in the supermarket

There was an interesting event in the supermarket yesterday morning and apologies for my thumb at the bottom of the photo, but I did not trust myself to take another photo. There were people lined up with cameras and a guy was talking to one of the shop workers. I thought they were making a film for the TV advertising.

Filming in Migros

I spoke to the lady at the back dressed in black and she told me that they were testing the examining experts they have for their apprentices. This supermarket chain, Migros, is the biggest Swiss supermarket and they have their own apprenticeship system. I told her I was a little disappointed as I though it might be a chance for me as a satisfied customer to appear on TV in their advertising film.

And I am afraid that is all I can offer today. The cleaning lady has now departed leaving me a wonderfully clean and sparkling bath and shower. I hope you all have a successful day and sleep well. How about a bouquet to brighten things up. The only successful photos I had yesterday were those I took with my mobile phone.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Love the one you rescued and the flowers. I know your feelings. I did that on a very important occasion, my son’s wedding. Left my phone at home. The pictures from the photographer we hired weren’t much good and I kept on thinking that if had my phone with me I could have taken a few candid shots.

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  2. I know just how frustrating that can be; mostly my Sony camera dial gets moved to the P setting which means everything comes out blue. Ugh! Why don’t I remember to check? But you’re allowed one off day; mostly your photos are wonderful.

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  3. I don’t know how many times I have accidentally hit the wrong button or unintentionally moved a setting. Because I didn’t do it on purpose, it can take me a really long time to reset it. Sometimes, I can’t figure it out and I reset everything to original settings and start over.

    My funniest version of this is looking into the lens and seeing it all black and screaming “OH NO! My camera is broken!” only to realize that I forgot to take off the lens cap. Talk about humiliating.

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    • I didn’t actually do anything. The small dial shifted to “M” for Manuel and I forgot to check before I took the photosand It wasn’t the first time, but I usually inspect it before I Bein to shoot


  4. How nice to get your bouquet, even if I get here a day late.
    It has been a rather sad past few days. We work with two young ladies from Paradise. The extended family of one lost five homes. The home of the family of the other survived, but the homes around it are gone. A friend of a friend was one of the two deaths in the fires of Ventura County. We still do not know how many were killed in Paradise. The smoke finally cleared here for most of the days, but was coming back before the sun went down. I don’t mean to be so grim.
    It is good to get your bouquet.

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