6 thoughts on “Which Way Challenge: November 8 2018

    • I now know each patch of cobblestones in town. At least my bones do from my wheelchair journeys. Our local railway takes us to the main station and is quite useful


  1. I really get to know Solothurn thanks to your posts. I should read them all….
    As I have now pretty bad eyesight I realise that towns like Solothurn are getting very difficult to navigate – you might fare even better in your wheelie. Yesterday we walked in Orléans in the evening, on wet cobblestones – it was wonderful and a nightmare! Even where we live now in France, it’s mostly cobblestones and uneven paths.

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    • It never used to be cobblestones, but normal. I think they had too much money laying around and did not know what to do with it. I must say that travelling by wheelchair does give you a different perspective on life. You notice where the high rises are when crossing the road and the paths better to take. In the wheelchair you feel every bump.

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