RDP Friday: Skill

Me in the car window 16.06 (1)

I am a merry housewife
and now a golden oldie
After years of experience
I have not yet become so mouldy
My skills are cleaning
and I also have to cook
Ironing and washing are also in my  book
I like to take a photograph
am not sure if this is a skill
I also have two computers
which are giving me a thrill
I have been married for 50 years
An achievement in itself
I have survived it all
depending on my health
I was never in the newspaper
as winning an award
I did not have the time
Too busy with my keyboard
The newest project I have
is driving a wheelchair
I have mastered the technicalities
but I have to take some care
I overtake them all
but am still mopping floors
It is all a question of logistics
I am one of the last dinosaurs

RDP Friday: Skill

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