Good Morning

Jura 08.11.2018

Another dull morning, although this photo was yesterday morning of a low cloud on the Jura, but today is no different. Now and again, to enhance the atmosphere, there is a crow cawing – so where is Alfred Hitchcock or even Vincent Price. They would both enjoy the atmosphere.

Autumn Leaves 08.11 (1)

I decided to take a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon and equipped myself with gloves and a warm jacket with scarf to keep my neck warm. I was surprised that our temperatures were climbing and I only needed the gloves on the home stretch. Again a record is being broken with the warmest November days for some years. However the leaves are collecting and our local workers decided to pile them in one place, against the cemetery wall. They leave no leaf unturned it seems. Since they have these blowing devices they run amok with the new toy. Yesterday I saw a synchronised column of three men all blowing the leaves away. When the winter snows arrive they collect the snow and tip it into the local river. I hope they will not be doing the same with the leaves.

Restaurant Pintli Feldbrunnen 08.11.2018

I wheeled past the village restaurant which really was looking good with the Autumn coloured trees in the garden and the entrance. We would often sit outside on the terrace in the summer for a drink when walking past, but these days Mr. Swiss no longer walks without his stick and would not manage to climb the hill to reach the restaurant  and I am confined to my wheelchair for longer stretches.  We were only saying yesterday that the only opportunity we have to go out together is in the car, and we used to take walks together, sort of golden oldie hand in hand, in the past. Now we are debating about a visit to the doc to discover how we will handle the future when we are both handicapped with walking. I have my wheelchair, but have to do my journeys solo. Shopping is still possible, but I have a trolley to cling to.  It is the future that has so many open questions.

When I was younger I had no idea what getting older would mean.

Chickens 08.11 (8)

I paid a visit to the farm on my way to see how my friends the chickens were managing. Everything seemed under control under the watchful eyes of the rooster. He might be ugly on human terms, but to a hen it is all she has, so I suppose she makes the most of it. There is a guy I often see at the farm whose job, at least one of them, is collecting eggs, so everything seems to be running its normal daily routine.

Cows 08.11 (2)

I also saw a few cows out on the pasture. Throughout the summer they had been kept in the barn during the day due to the heat, but now they are having one of their last flings outside before the cold weather arrives, although there are even one or two cows in the Bernese Overland that have been given skis. I once saw it on our Swiss TV, but more a novelty.

Horses 08.11 (7)

I also noticed there were a few horses grazing with a foal

And now I have something more exciting to do, like hoovering and mopping and getting ready to be let out for my shopping trip. Oh what an excitement. The week-end meals are planned and this evening No. 1 son will again be at a pop concert in town, so a romantic candlelight evening meal with Mr. and Mrs. Swiss I suppose, although afterwards he switches on the TV and I retire to my computer. The romance of golden oldie life.

I am now getting keyboard cramps in my fingers, so will go further, wishing you all a good day or night, as the case may be. Let’s have an Autumn scenery from my walk yestererday across the upper village before I depart. 🙂

Feldbrunnen Village 08.11 (2)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That first picture got my attention. I know it is only a cloud, but for an instant, it reminded me of smoke. It is a sad day here today. As I mentioned earlier, the fires are bad. Paradise burned last night.

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