FOWC with Fandango: Disrupt

New Road Sign 18.p08.2017

Why does everything have to change. Now they are doing it in lights, telling me how fast I am. I was always fast. I was the fastest in the family, I always got there first. It used to be so easy. Just one foot in front of the other, now they are always searching for me, but they don’t always find me. The last time I just followed the railway lines and arrived in a new place. The men were very kind, but I stood my ground and refused to go. All sorts of terrible things can happen today, why they even put me in a new dress and tied me into it. I couldn’t move. Since my birthday no-one visits me any more. George always brought me flowers and chocolates, although I was sure he was trying to poison me. Now he doesn’t visit, he ignores my existence. Treat me as if I no longer lived.

They are coming again, I can hear them in the distance beeping their horns and I can see them approaching. It’s that man again with the dress and the belts on it. No, I am not going with them.

“Have you got her Fred?”

“She is struggling, give her a jab. That’s better. It gets worst all the time. I hope she didn’t kill anyone this time.”

“Her nightdress doesn’t have any blood stains, so it looks like we were just in time.”

“I think she is still looking for George.”

“She won’t find him, she killed him a few years ago. Those serial killers are all the same. Kill one and the next is not far behind, and every time she thinks it’s George.”

FOWC with Fandango: Disrupt

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