Good Morning

Day Break

Not exactly the beginning of a bright day, although I did see the sun poke through for a few minutes. It rained during the night and everything is damp outside. Thursday is a no rush day with no super jobs to do and I am glad. I even hugged the bed longer this morning. Being a golden oldie I do not have to go places if I do not want to. Perhaps I might make an escape this afternoon if the weather stays on my side.

Untere Steingrubenstrasse 07.11 (1)

Yesterday morning was very dismal. I took this photo on the way to the supermarket. It is a very old house and no-one lives there. It might belong to the town now, but you can rent it for special occasions. I remember many years ago having a New Years party with some friends. We brought our own food and drink and it was fun. Just a place where you could all meet.

Christmas Tree Langendorf

When we arrived at the store I noticed they now had the Christmas Tree outside and a guy was already hanging the various decorations on it, some mega red glass balls. I suppose it will be ready with lights and everything when I go shopping tomorrow. They cannot wait until Christmas arrives. I noticed on my last visits to town, and the supermarket, that it is not as crowded as it used to be with shoppers buying everything it has to offer. I do not do any Christmas shopping, except for some food articles to make sure I do not starve when the shops are closed for the holidays. The only person I have on my list is my grandson who is now a little more than 1 year old.

I remember when I was younger and still living at home.  The whole family would meet at my aunt’s house and there was singing and dancing and a tree full of presents. Of course as a kid I loved it all, but as we cousins grew older and had children and even grandchildren of our own, this is today just memories of the past. None of my aunts and uncles are still amongst us, not to mention my grandfather who was the patriarch of the family, sitting in his armchair in the corner, smoking his self rolled cigarettes with a glass of something alcoholic in his hand. Now and again he would make an excursion to the toilet and two of my uncles would accompany him to make sure he did not fall on the way. He was then over 80 years old, but what am I saying, Mr. Swiss will be 80 next year and that day is creeping closer to me as well.

Sparrows 06.11 (13)

I am still having my daily visit from the sparrows to their birdhouse. I notice they have their special times. Early in the morning they sit in the trees and watch, but towards lunchtime they are competing for space at the feeding station.

I have now been fed. It was toast with butter and jam this morning for a change. Now to gather some energy for a clean through. Lunch is spaghetti today with a tuna fish sauce, so my cat will be happy as she also gets a share of the fish.

Swan 06.11 (1)

I must also fly off like this swan on the river to deal with other work. Actually I was quite pleased with this photo. I had the camera ready for a photo and it suddenly flew past the lens, so I naturally took a snap.

Enjoy the day and all that it brings and ignore the stuff that is interrupting the smooth runnings.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a bunch of wonderful recollections and great photos – love the clarity of your sparrow shot particularly! But then also the gold and blue of the swan pic draws me in. Thanks!

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  2. It is good to read something normal and relatively simple from so far away. It is very smoky here now. The entire town of Paradise burned over night. The fire started there just yesterday. Paradise was still there last night. I have not read about the big fire in Ventura County yet. It started about half a day after the massacre in Thousand Oaks. I do not know why, but when things like this happen closer to home, they make me feel more vulnerable to them.

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    • That sounds really bad, a complete town burning. I am glad you are safe. I feel sorry for the people that lose their homes, not to mention lives. I hope they soon have the fire under control.

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      • It is very sad. I know that fire is an innate risk in my neighborhood, but it should not be such a risk for those who live in town. It is so sad for those who thought they were safe.

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        • And yesterday our TV news brought reports on the fires with films. Paradise no longer exists, just a burnt desert. Now the film stars are leaving their luxury villas in Malibu. There are acres destroyed by the fire, people losing their homes and lives lost. I hope you are keeping safe

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          • There was a small fire locally before all this started, but it is done now. The Camp Fire that burned Paradise is more than two hundred miles to the north. The fires in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties are more than three hundred miles to the south.

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  3. The light on the river with the swan is beautiful. I’m feeling a bit oppressed these days. I had to get Garry a computer because the one he has been using developed a noise that I recognize as a bad hard drive. But I got him a Chromebook. At $226.10 including 2 years of insurance and tax, it’s basically Google Chrome, but you can save file, too. It’s an “online” machine — but that’s all he does anyway. Getting him a bigger iPad would have cost around $1200 — minimally. The Apples are really getting beyond my means. Actually, life is getting beyond my means.

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    • My. Swiss also has a new computer. A surface book from Microsoft and at last he seems to have found his ideal. It’s the Microsoft answer to Apple. It is a quick starter and he is happy. It was not a cheap one. I am happy with my Apple as I can work with it everywhere without having a power line. My Acer is also good which I mainly use for photo uploads. We both have iPads which i find good to use. I am at the moment hugging my bed and writing this with it


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