Good Morning

Gulls 06.11.2018

Where did I go yesterday? Again into town, for want of anything more interesting. It seems that the gulls are taking over our river and were flying everywhere. We always have a lot during the Winter, but I never realised to what extent since I go more into town.

Gulls 06.11 (3)

It was a quiet day and not so many people on the streets. It seems to me that since online buying by computer has taken over, the amount of shoppers are dwindling and there are only people walking around the town or visiting the many street cafés that we have.

Hanging Christmas Lights 06.11.2018

I noticed these two men hovering over the street in one of those crane containers and realised they were busy hanging the town’s Christmas lights. We do not have a fantastic show, but every year they seem to be improving on it. Usually it was just a few grape similar groups of lights, but now they seem to be beginning to hang them over the street. I might see them once in the evening, although I am a rare evening visitor.

Christmas Lights 06.11.2018

This part of the light chain was hanging down into the street. I waited around to see if there would be any fanstastic photos, but the men were more busy talking that making any action so I moved on.

Flower Beds Restaurant Wirthen 06.11.2018

It seems that in our cold temperatures the geraniums are still flowering, over one of our restaurants.

I decided to wheel my way back home along the river eventually.

Gulls 06.11 (12)

I like to take the lower bridge crossing over the Aare. It is only for pedestrians and wheelchairs like me and you get a good view of the town and river.

So what else did I do yesterday? I seem to have been busy all day, but I do not know why. I suppose uploading my photos took some time and writing a couple of blogs. I also managed to get a couple of photos of my birdhouse visitors.

Sparrows 06.11 (9)

The are mainly sparrows, the tits seem to have disappeared at the moment. I think they are waiting for the really cold weather. It is still mild (6°C) for this time of the year and no rain.

And I must now go. Everything goes in slow motion these days, I am not a quick with my movements as I used to be. I will see you later I hope, so have a good day in the meanwhile. Here is one of yesterday’s photos from the Jura as I was on my way.

Jura 06.11 (2)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh, those geraniums made me laugh. They are Balkan geraniums, from the Balkan Region. My colleague down south thought that they were known as Balkan geraniums because they looked so pretty cascading from ‘balkanies’!

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    • Marilyn if only we were nearer and could talk. It happens more and more as you get older. More often with Mr. Swiss. We get a magazine from our local hospital now and again and the edition we got this week is all about the nerve system, an article on MS and also one on dementia with the symptoms. Of course it is not pleasant, but there is a lot you can do to improve the problems. It is forgetfulness basically, and it happens to most of us, perhaps some more than others. Mr. Swiss was ihe telephone yesterday with the dentist talking about a new appointment. I was listening on the edge when he said yes to the appointment. I had to interrupt and remind him that he had another appointment on that day. He did not even bother to check and was glad I reminded him. This sort of thing happens all the time. I write it all in my phone with my reminders, a system I am now living with and it has helped a lot.


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