FOWC with Fandango: Danger

ER Hospital

This is the ER admitting station at the local hospital. Why do I have a photo? I am a regular customer, they know me and I have time to take photos with my mobile phone. When I arrive at the desk I have to wait until I fill out all the particulars. The last time they did give me something to stop the cut on my ear bleeding, but no problem. You get used to it. When they see my name on the admission slip they have a look in the computer and a look of astonishment passes on their faces. “You have been here before”. I am not sure if it is a question or just a confirmation.

I had often been there. They even have my records of various stays, but in the ER it is usually just passing through. This year I broke my leg in January when the floor came up and hit me. I even got a chauffeur driven journey to the hospital in an ambulance. Then I lost my balance whilst sorting some washing. I cannot stand up under my own steam and so two nice strong gentlemen came from the ambulance service and picked me up. In between I had my famous copycat experience of the Van Gogh  symptom when I fell and sliced my ear. It was the ER again, and this time they had to find a surgeon that knew how to sew cartilage which they did. The ER room was blocked by me for more than an hour afterwards until they got the job done. A week ago the next accident happened. I dropped a glass bowl which broke, knocked off the door of the microwave, and collapsed on the floor embedded in glass splinters. It was quite a colourful event, but the man and this time a lady arrive. I heard the ambulance before it arrived. They picked me up, washed the glass out of my arm and I survived again.

Yes the world is a dangerous place, especially if you are a golden oldie that has balance problems (MS) but I survive. I have a walker, a stick and even an electric wheelchair. Now my cleaning lady tells me that I can get an inflatable belt from the Red Cross, something like an air bag on the steering wheel of a car. It inflates itself when you fall and prevents broken bones, I must have a look in Internet.

One thing is certain, danger lurks everywhere. It might just be a small corner of a carpet, perhaps leaning on something that moves, or a leg that detaches itself from your body at the wrong moment.

FOWC with Fandango: Danger

19 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Danger

    • Of course we have air bags in the car, it is a normal equipment. This is a belt to wear with a built in air bag. If you fall the bag fills with air to Polster hitting the ground and to prevent broken bones. I want to have a word with the doc about it. I stand a good chance of getting one on the sickness insurance.


  1. I hadn’t heard of these belts it sounds a good idea although I have to admit the mental picture I have of you surrounded by inflated material was quite amusing. Something like The Michelin Man.

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