RDP Tuesday: Parcel

Christmas Calendar

There used to be parcels delivered
To delight the children’s eyes
Particularly at Christmas
For a wonderful surprise
Today it is a thing of the past
No longer something of hope
All the kids I know just want an envelope
To make sure they do not mope
Just ask them how much it would cost
On the cheek they give you a peck
Of course the best what you can do
Is write them out a cheque

Mrs. Smith who lives next door
does all her shopping at home
Just go online and order the goods,
She doesn’t need a phone
And so you climb over parcels in the hall
Because everyone buys this way
A box of shoes, perhaps a computer
with the credit card you can pay

I need my medicine for my MS
but this must be in the cold
The postman, who always rings twice
deposits the box as told
The actual goods are a tiny parcel
but surrounded by ice packs
I have to stow them away in a fridge
And then we can relax


RDP Tuesday: Parcel

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