Good Morning

Autumn Leaves 03.11.2018

I went to town yesterday and took the river path home. This is one of the alternative parallel paths which I do no actually take, because there are too many tree roots and not so smooth for a wheelchair ride. However, hovering at the beginning I got a shot of pure Autumn. The leaves are tumbling fast and furious and now form a carpet, a photographer’s delight.

Hauptgasse 03.11 (1)

I like Saturday afternoons in town as it lives a little more, and has more people. The morning would be ideal as it is then market, but my mornings are busy with waking up and gathering energy. As I entered town I already saw people coming and going. On the left the walls of the St. Urs cathedral and straight ahead the Jesuit church. I have a small connection to these places, although I am not a member. My No. 2 son sung in the boys choir and often had engagements. Christmas was a busy time as the choir performed Handels Christmas Oratorium and they had engagements in other churches as well. Those were the days when his voice had not yet broken. Now he has a son of his own, just a little more than a year old, but perhaps he might also be singing in a choir one day.

Palais Besenval 03.11.2018

As we approach the colder days, many of our restaurants are now emptying outside. This is our Palais Besenval, built by the French nobility for the French nobility around the 18th century. It was used as a residence at the beginning, but over the years changed hands. Now and again there would be an art exhibition held there, but today it has become a very stylish restaurant and belongs to the Kanton.  During the summer people sit in the forecourt or on the outside balcony overlooking the River Aare. There is also a very nice baroque garden.

Pumpkins Solothurn 03.11 (1)

I noticed we still have a few reminders of halloween from the town decorations. These carved creations were sitting on the window sill of one of the old town houses

Street Musician 03.11.2018

Moving on I discovered yet another street musician. He was not too bad, playing his guitar and singing in accompaniment. I am sure if I was working in one of the shops behind him the music would be a little annoying with time.

St. George Fountain 03.11.2018

I also took a wheelie past the St. George’s fountain, the guy that killed the dragon, although not in Switzerland. It is a British thing. We have 11 fountains in Solothurn (11 being the Solothurner number – do not ask me why) and I am now getting to know their names and their positions. Isn’t photography a wonderful hobby?

Maronimann 03.11.2018

Our hot chestnut roasting kiosk was busy as always and the usual queue was waiting patiently for their paper bag filled with the chestnuts. In my earlier walking days Mr. Swiss and I would often treat ourselves to the delicacy when we were in town. It brings back many good nostalgic memories of a life we once had when we were not yet golden oldies. Now I am in a wheelchair and Mr. Swiss walking with a stick.

So enough nostalgia, brings a little water to my eyes when I think of the days gone by. Eventually I made my way home via the river to say a few hellos to the ducks and swans on the river.

Swan 03.11 (4)

And I nearly forgot these two dogs. I was wheeling along and there was a couple with teir dog, but not on the lead. It was the path leading to the river and then another lady approached with her dog, the white one on a lead.

Dog 03.11.2018

They had a sniff at each other, but the dark one had his interest aroused. I heard that lady with the white dog say that it was the first time for her dog that it was in heat (at least I think that it what you say in english). Dark dog got the idea and then his owner connected him to the lead. I must say there were laughs by all, but I do not think that the white dog had her first encounter of the third kind.

And now I am off to do what I must do, let’s get the red cabbage cooking for lunch with a side of ham and potatoes. One of the thrills of a golden oldie Sunday. Enjoy your day, and make the most of it. I will not be going places and seeing things, but spend a nice quiet day at home as golden oldies should.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh, those Jack-o’-lanterns looks so un-Swiss. I dislike Halloween so. It seems to be gaining popularity in other regions faster than it ever has before, even in Australia and England!
    Christmas music (really bad Christmas music) is playing loudly on the intercom here at the coffee shop in town where I am writing this. Christmas started a few days before Halloween. Thanksgiving is being ignored because it is not so severely capitalized on. Thanksgiving, even though it is a modern and relatively pagan Holiday, happens to be my favorite!

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          • The kids grow up with it and I grew into it. My first 2 years in Switzerland were in Zürich and I muddled through with Zürich German. Then I moved to Solothurn and met Mr Swiss and so I now speak Solothurn German. My youngest son lives in Schaffhausen with his German wife. They have a one year old son growing up with a father speaking Solothurn German, a mother speaking Proper German and hos friends where he now lives speaking Schaffhausen German, so he will be a language mixture eventually


  2. I remember sitting next to an Indian fellow on a bus ride from New York to Montreal. He was getting an MD at McGill University and India was paying for it. The deal was he would get the degree, then go back to India for a few years of service. He said he wasn’t going back, that the country was hopeless. He gave me a whole history of India and the British. When he was through, I asked him if the British had done anything positive for India.

    “Yes,” he said. “They gave us English. Before English, no one could talk to anyone. We had hundreds of languages and thousands of dialects — sometimes just between valleys. English enabled us to become one country.”

    Language matters!

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