FOWC with Fandango: Extraordinary

Flock of Crows 01.11 (7)

“Ok, boys and girls are your ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“Don’t ask silly questions Bob, we are the most intelligent animals here. We do things that impress, they don’t call us a Murder of crows for nothing, when we are all together. We are going on a group flight.”

“But boss, I hate those formation flights. There is always someone who loses their place. Last time Elsie crossed my path just when I was planning a looping.”

“That was your fault Bob, we crows do not do loopings. They told us to follow the crow in front.”

“Typical woman, No individuality, just follow the others and their beaks.”

“Stop arguing Bob and Elsie, but I must say Bob, Elsie is right. We crows are not on a flight performance we have our strength in doing it together. I do not want any individualists in my tribe, otherwise you will learn the true meaning of a murder.”

“But boss, I was showing some of the tricks I learnt from the Magpies.”

“Then go and join the magpies. Who has the first taste of the offerings in the morning from the humans, the crows of course. The magpies are still sitting in the trees waiting for us to finish before they take their share. They have respect for our talents and abilities. Crows do not loop-the-loops, we fly with dignity and keep the formation. So are we ready, then let’s go. There is a human down there ready with her camera We might get famous on a photo. And Bob, no digestive problems as you fly over her, we do not want the camera lens to be blocked by your recycled breakfast food.”

FOWC with Fandango: Extraordinary

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