Good Morning

Jura 01.11.2018

My photos are still from the day before yesterday as I did not go anywhere yesterday. Some may have read that I had one of my well-known falling accidents, this time in the kitchen, with a glass micro wave bowl in my hand full of veg. The bowl broke, somehow I managed to break the microwave door also, although only the outside door and it is still working.

As I fell to the ground, not exactly with a bump, my elbow arrived in a pile of glass splinters. I had to call the ambulance to pick me up, as I was alone except for my No. 1 son and I cannot stand myself due to my MS. The ambulance pair attended to my needs and dressed my elbow. Yesterday evening I removed the bandage to let the elbow dry out a bit overnight and also removed two tiny glass splinters. It was quite a horror show, but looked effective.  Luckily my son swept everything together and Mr. Swiss arrived from the dentist where he had a tooth removed. What a morning that was. It can only get better today.

Cows 01.11 (8)

I also paid a visit to the cows. We had a couple of herds, but during the hot summer they were only let out at night when it was cooler and now they seem to have disappeared all together. However one farmer also has a couple on a meadow, so I decided to see how they were. They seemed to be having a conversation. In a couple of weeks we are having one of our democratic votes about whether the cows should be allowed to keep their horns. A few farmers have cows with horns, but mostly they are removed from the calves, actually the buds are burnt out before they begin to grow. A farmer has now collected enough signatures against this barbaric (for me) practice and we can now vote yes or no. I am definitely for allowing the cows to keep their horns. Some politicians, even farmers, find they would need larger barns to accommodate cows with horns and other weak arguments. It is all to do with the money, as usual. In the TV discussion yesterday there were as many voices for and against, so who knows what the result will be.

Black Swans 01.11 (3)

I also paid a visit to the small pond at the stables where they have a few ducks, geese and swans. I remember the pair of black swans arriving in spring and they soon had cygnets. They are usually at a distance but I was lucky as they were nicely in range of my zoom lens on the camera. I did not see any cygnets, so perhaps they are now thinking about forming their own families next year.

Silk Chickens 01.11 (7)

What I did see were these curious hens that were together with the horses. I met a colleague whilst I was taking photos, also a fan of the farm. She knows the people that have the fatm and is one of the few allowed in the stables to feed the horses with an apple. She told me that these are the so-called silky hens, I had never hear of them, so had a lookup in Wikipedia. They are smaller than the usual hens and their hobby seems to be brooding. It is to the extent that they are happy to brood on anything that has an egg shape.

Silk Chickens 01.11 (10)

They are apparently very docile and make wonderful pets, although having my own hen at home would not be my ideal. At least my cat has a litter box, but I think hens are not so fussy in that way. They seem to get on well with the horses in the same enclosure.

I was on a visit to the cemetery as it was All souls Day. Not that I belong, but they had an interesting event outside the chapel which I reported on yesterday with a few photos. On the way from the cemetery to home I always pass through the farm, so I have a look to see if anything new has happened.

Today is a sort of day of rest, although I might make a journey into town this afternoon. Saturday afternoons are always interesting in town. I now have to hobble around the apartment and make an effort to cook dinner.  Have a good Saturday everyone, take it easy and have fun. For those that have to work, I am thinking of you and hope you can compensate on another free day.

Jura 01.11 (1)

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh, Pat—I hope you got all the glass slivers out. I think the ambulance people should have checked for that. Last thing you need is an infection due to broken glass. You do know how to have adventures! Be careful.

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    • It was more tiny und corns. It was difficult to see where they were but I just had a good look. It. Is now just sore. Mr. Swiss had a good look and didn’t find anything more


  2. So sorry to hear about your fall! Plus landing on glass. What a horrible experience. Glad you’re doing better though and that you got all of the glass out. Maybe they should vote on feeding the cows better. That bull is way under weight imho. The black swans and silkies are beautiful! I really enjoy your photos.

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  3. I’m glad you are healing. I’m guessing you tried to stop your fall by grabbing the door of the microwave. I am usually taking pictures, so I figure I will heal, but the camera won’t, so I protect the camera. On the other hand, microwaves are replaceable pretty easily, so next time … no, NO next time. Just take care of yourself!

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    • No, I had a microwave glass bowl in my hand with fennel that I was ready to cook for lunch. As I reached to put it into the microwave I lost my balance. I dropped the bowl which crashed to the floor and broke and I took the outer glass panel of the microwave door with me as well which also broke. I sank to the ground sitting on broken glass which did no grat damage to me, but used my elbow to support myself, which was resting on the broken glass. Needless to say my elbow has a few cuts I was in such a state of shock, my autistic son came running. I told him to give me the call phone and I called the emergency who came with the ambulance to pick me up from the floor. In the meanwhile my wonderful son began sweeping the broken glass together. I called Mr. Swiss who was on his way home after having a tooth extracted. It was a great morning.


  4. You’ve been pretty busy alright! 😉 beautiful photos I like farm animals. I wonder why the politicians have to meddle regarding horns? It’s not normal to cut it.

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    • I just wheel around in my chair with the camera. Busy is the stuff I do at home with the household, but it becomes a sort of routine eventually. I grew up in London and only really knew farms from photos and films. It has been practice for years in Switzerland to remove the cow horns before they begin to grow, silly really. It is all to do with the money. they say they need bigger barns for the cows with horns to give them more room.

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      • Oh I see, now understand why they have to cut the horn. Good to see you are still active even on your chair which is very positive and I think you enjoy taking photos, they are beautiful.

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