RDP Friday: Friday


Today is Friday, it could be a big deal
But this morning I fell down and it was not such a big thrill
I was at home, and done the the week-end shopping
So I did not have to go places, I was just dropping
The problem with falling is I cannot rise again
I also smashed a glass bowl, the splinters gave me pain
There was blood on the floor and also on my arm
And so I grabbed my telephone and raised a hospital alarm
The ambulance arrived with fanfare and Martin’s horn
All the village heard it and my skin was also torn
But all is well that ends well, the ambulance men arrived
I was glad to find my feet again and know I had survived
Just another Friday with week-end shopping done
an accident and excitement and now I feel quite numb

RDP Friday: Friday

24 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Friday

    • I am not really so all right, but have problems sitting, and of course little cuts everywhere from the glass, but I will survive. I lost my balance again, Mr. Swiss was at the dentist having a tooth removed etc. etc. One of those days

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    • I am a full professional with falling. the ambulance people were debating whether I wanted to go to hospital etc. but I declined. They bandaged me up, but I feel OK, Just a pain on my right sensitive sitting polster, but I have had that for a few days and probably some sort of muscle problem. It was getting better, but was. Now from the beginning again.

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      • I hope that you get well soon. I also fall a lot. Injuring my knee a few times. Took a tumble from the stairs too. I know the first days are painful and the stiffness in the joints and muscles is a hard thing to bear.

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    • Even three chair is not so comfortable and I must find a good position. I have had a problem with a muscle in my rear part for some time and the fall didn’t help. I have various small cuts on my elbow. Yesterday I removed the bandages and also two small pieces of glass


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