Good Morning

Castle Waldegg 01.11 (3)

Autumn has arrived. I was on the hill at the local castle yesterday and this was the glorious view I had from the top. It shows the road up to the castle lined with the Autumn trees, You are only allowed to drive on the road with special permission, but as we live in the local village we have the necessary permission.

Actually I was on another quest. Yesterday was All Souls Day, like day of the Dead etc. in some other countries. We do not have a celebration, but the church has various special services. I decided to take a walk through the cemetery, as it seems it is the day when most people visit the graves of departed. When I arrived there were a few cars parked outside the gates, which is not something you usually find and as I took the path to the burial chapel I saw quite a collection of people.

All Souls Day cemetery 01.110 (2)

They were holding a mini service outside and even had a small brass band playing appropriate music which was the tune “Abide with Me”. It sounded quite good and reminded me of the English football cup final which they always play before the match begins. I suppose this was basically a Roman Catholic event, as our Kanton is Roman Catholic. You find the Swiss Reform Church more in the areas around Zürich, which we would be. Basically I was Church of England.

All Souls Day cemetery 01.110 (4)

This was the band. I did not want to be too conspicuous and annoy the believers, so had to take my shots with the Zoom lens in the background.

All Souls Day cemetery 01.110 (7)

After the priest spoke a few words to the gathering, through a microphone, everyone joined in with the Lord’s Prayer and the two guys dressed in white distributed bread from a tray to those attending, another part of a catholic ceremony I believe. Sorry but I was just an observer. Afterwards everyone went home, the car park was quite full.

Cemetery 01.11 (2)

I noticed that the graves were also well decorated. This is a view of the part of the ceremony for cremations. Just a plain stone in the ground with names and dates, but every stone seemed to have a grave candle lit and there were many Autumn flower arrangements.

Flock of Crows 01.11 (5)

As I walked home I saw a flock of birds flying around. I think they are crows so I tried for a few photos. I had always wanted to get something like this, but I am not such an expert. They looking like miniature planes flying. I do not think they were going anywhere special, just flying for the fun of it.

Apple Tree

I also noticed one of the last apple trees with fruit. The leaves had left the tree already, but there were still a few apples remaining, and they really looked good.

And now I must go. My son has a different shift today, working only in the afternoon which does not give me so much time for shopping and now Mr. Swiss tells me joyfully he can go to the dentist this morning, when we go shopping for the week-end. This will not work, but he is convinced it will and I am not a happy bunny. So now to shower and get ready and stress around to be able to get the week-end shopping and cook a dinner to make sure everyone is happy.

Rose 01.11.2018

Hope you do not have so much stress as I have at the moment, but have a good day or week-end, I am off to the shower.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I am so glad I’m not the only one. Garry has decided he doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I think it’s partly the election has become really disturbing for us … and he doesn’t feel well. The constant dampness has all his bones aching. The constant wet weather is also getting on our nerves. It’s hard to get anything done and any day we don’t need to do anything is a good day.

    Hang on in there. I’m not sure WHY we are still doing all the cooking. Garry absolutely does not cook, but he has at least learned to make a sandwich. And start the coffee. That’s something.

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    • We seem to change as we get older and Mr. Swiss is 8 years older than me. After 50 years together it has begun to notice a little. He has never been a great cook, but has managed ok when I was away for a week in England. Now he is glad I cook. He still doesn’t mind driving but is glad to leave the shopping to me. He forgets more now. Physically he is Ok although lost a lot of weight but the doc says nothing to worry about. It is age and he will be 80 next year


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