FOWC with Fandango: Dry

Dry Lawn

It didn’t rain down and it didn’t rain up, and the lawn decided to dry
There was something wrong with the summer weather so I looked up to the sky
The sun was beating down on us from April through to September
Grass roots were drying, such a summer I could not remember
The gardener arrived and examined the cause, found we had cockchafer bugs
They were eating the grass from the other side as well, could not be killed with drugs
And so we decided to spray the lawn with water throughout day and night
But there was no winning against bugs and sun, and the bugs have an enormous bite
We decided on a radical cure, and the lawn was taken away
Replaced by two walls on a higher level. and they are here to stay
Governments deny we have a climate change and their lawns are green and fine
Perhaps they have special grass, and not the same as mine
At last it has now begun to rain, day and night all throughout the week
I now have a pond in the middle of my garden, but this is just a freak
There is no climate change they said, but the slugs are now getting bigger
I wish we could have dry weather again, it is really not to snigger

FOWC with Fandango: Dry

5 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Dry

  1. I think governments water everything and apparently don’t worry about how much water they use. You got OUR summer weather. That’s how it usually is here from June through the middle of August. We start getting rain in late August, but this year, it never stopped raining. But all summer, it was also really HOT, so it was a lot like living in a tropical forest. It is still raining. When it gets cold enough, it will be snow.

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    • We are now waiting for the first snowfalls, it is already falling thick and fast in the mountains and they have already started the ski season a month earlier. Our water is too expensive to waste.


  2. These days water costs so much that even local authorities stop watering the lawns and turn off the fountains in very hot weather to save money. This is one of the wetter parts of Tasmania but even here water tanks can run dry and in drought conditions, farmers have to either sell or kill their stock. We are not as badly off as those on the mainland though so we are the lucky ones.

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