Good Morning


It was a strange sky yesterday afternoon. We had drizzling rain all morning but it stopped midday- It was cold with a biting wind and I decided not to go places and see things and then I looked up. At last the sky had cleared but some clouds remained making intresting patterns.

Front Garden

And then the sun came out reflecting in a window opposite. It was certainly a striking effect. I think that was the only excitement I had yesterday, except for making a shopping list for today.

Magpie 28.10 (4)

And I had the visit of a magpie. It arrives every morning regularly and sits in the tree opposite. She or he does no stay long and soon flies off to the colony. I think she is just the lookout that reports back to the others.


If I start taking photos of my boring breakfast table in the morning it really means I do not have a lot to report from the wilds of Feldbrunnen at the moment. My orchid is still with me since two months and doe not show a sign of wilting yet. It was one of those orchids that Mr. Swiss now and again brings home for me, not really, he says he likes to brighten the place up a bit.

Our new method of shopping is working well. He has a coffee in the supermarket restaurant and I do the safari work in the store, although now and again he also makes an appearance in the store for a few bits and pieces, but does his own thing. Today he has a mission for a bottle of white wine, only for cooking purposes, as I used up the remainder yesterday. Our supermarket does not sell alcohol and the store for that is on the ground floor.


I used to take the escalator to the top floor, but now stick to the lift as I am a bit unsteady with a trolley. Growing old is not such fun. You no longer have to work for a living, but the fringe benefits are combined with bones that creak and a brain that is no longer how it used to be. That is one of the advantages of growing old together. What Mr. Swiss forgets, I remember, and it also works the other way round. If we both forget we always have our notes in the iCloud reminders in he iPhone. I often wonder how my mum and dad managed without our modern day helpers, although supermarkets were then not so common. I remember mum would buy the fruit and veg from a stall in the street market- The stall holders would buy their goods from the London wholesale market halls, yes those were the days.

Now it is delivered daily to the supermarkets and what it left at the end of the day and no longer can be sold is just thrown away – modern times.

And now to depart for my daily clean-up. If the weather holds, I will again be on my way this afternoon, with gloves and operhaps even a woolly hat. It is cold out there. I was planning on a cemetery visit tomorrow, as they get quite a crowd on All Souls Day, but rain is reported, so I will have to wait and see.

Have fun and enjoy the Autumn colours. I know I am.

Autumn Trees 27.10.2018 (2)

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I have had to take over doing stuff lately myself, mr. Swiss is also feeling his age. His role has become that of the chauffeur, but I will probably have to take that part over myself as well. Getting old is not amusing


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