FOWC with Fandango: Weight

The Skeleton
When I was young I was really quite skinny
Everyone I knew called me a thinny
I ate and ate until I would expand
My clothes were two sizes larger, although this was not planned
I discovered that eating the biscuits and cakes
Was an enjoyable pasttime and just what it takes
But then I had problems, in my clothes I did squeeze
Something was wrong, the doc said it was diabetes
I thought being heavy would make me look good
But instead sugar was forbidden, I must have misunderstood
As the years went on my body went south
I got it all wrong, stuffing all in my mouth
But today I am shapely if I wear a wide dress
My waist disappeared, I ate to excess
Exercise is good, I do all I can afford
I started with my fingers on the computer keyboard
And now I feel fit, my fingers are agile
Although my outline has become quite fragile
But what does it matter, I am feeling quite well
When I buy a new t-shirt with the size XXXL

Actually I am 1 m 76 cm tall and weight 86 kilo but I do have diabetes type 2

FOWC with Fandango: Weight

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