Daily Inkling: Bump in the Night

It’s Halloween night and you’re home alone. You’re just drifting off to sleep when you hear a crashing sound in the other room. What do you do, and what happens next?

Every year the same show just because it is halloween. When I bought the house it was cheap and I should have know why, but you do not look a gift house in the door: 10 rooms and only a couple of thousand. It all began on halloween of course.

I should have known better, The whole year I have the place to myself but 31st October I have to share it with Morticia and her husband Drac. Then there is another crash as Frankenstein walks through the door, although I left the key outside, but he doesn’t care. He does not have to pay for the repairs afterwards. Not to mention the Headless horseman and his phantom horse. That horse stinks more every year, as well as the rider.   I should really not complain too much. When they all arrive with a few more of their friends, I have the best party of the year. Of course they invite me as well. There is no point of making a fuss and no-one would  believe me.

If you buy a house next to the local cemetery you have to take the good with the bad. I am glad the vampires bring their own blood. I told them from the beginning, no blood stains on my carpet otherwise they can clean the carpet before the fly off to their various coffins. Otherwise a good time is had by all, although I hate playing hide and seek with them, they keep playing the invisible game. Bumps in the night? Only once a year and if I turn up the music I do not really hear them.

Daily Inkling: Bump in the Night

7 thoughts on “Daily Inkling: Bump in the Night

  1. After my dad died in 2002 and then my mom went into nursing home … I would be staying in her house while visiting her … and I would awake at 2 am with the banging of the doors of the kitchen cabinets. I joked to my nephew that it was grandpa and our departed aunt trying to get my attention. One night my nephew (who is mid 20’s in age ..) stayed there and the next morning told me I was right … there is banging of the kitchen cabinets all night long. I told him that I was not joking and not making it up. It’s not a question of “ghosts” … it is people trying to communicating across the spiritual divide … poltergeists I think is what they call them. Just accept it and move on. Because spirits are all around us. They are not interred with the body.


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