RDP Tuesday: Dead

Bargetzi Baselstrasse Ornaments 28.10.2018

A shop window like any other, but this was a window with a difference. Everything was carved in stone, smooth or rough. A cat. why not, one of her favourite animals: even a pillar with an apple balanced on top, now who would want something like that. Suddenly she saw the little round object with a face, almost a laughing face. The things that people thought of today, but why not. She entered the shop. A man approached from the back room, covered in dust.

“Can I help you?”

“How much is that little round smiling face.”

The liitle round face? You want that one?”

“Is that such a strange choice?”

“Not really, it was just an idea for something completely different. Is it for someone close.”

“Just someone dead.”

There were no more words spoken, and she bought it there and then. It was even half price. She arrived home and waited for the evening. It was dark outside, and she began to dig. In the morning she had a new ornament in the garden, a round smiling face on a mound of earth. The joke was on him eventually.

She went to the police and reported a missing person, but he remained missing. Sometimes the most obvious is not found.

RDP Tuesday: Dead

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