Good Morning

Front Garden

Good Morning everyone from my little office room at the front of the apartment. As you can see Autumn has now arrived in my front garden with the yellow leaves and damp in the air. I am a little late myself this morning, but have managed to get lunch cooking and the front windows cleaned. In the meanwhile my cleaning lady is at work in my shower and bathroom.


It is a miserable day on our estate, cloudy, cold and constant rain and to top it all, the heating in our building is not working since yesterday. Mr. Swiss is not the person responsible to organise it, but no-one really feels responsible, so he did his best yesterday to organise the repair with our administration responsible for our block, but naturally the person we needed was not there. After contact with various companies someone is coming today. Everyone seems to be in stress at the moment, but you see even super Switzerland has its problems. I am not really suffering with no heating, as I have my own built it heating, but I am an exception. We do have a Dyson auxiliary heating ourselves to help us out.

Needless to say I did not go anywhere yesterday or do anything and if the rain does not stop, I will stay at home this afternoon.

Christmas Tent Migros

I noticed our Christmas Tent at the local Supermarket is now taking shape with a nice colourful decorated cover tell everyone it is the “Christmas Tent”. It seems to be empty when I walk pass with no customers which does not surprise me. The last week in October is just a little early for Christmas I find.

Crow 28.10 (2)

As long as the crows are happy to stuff their beaks full of the bread I throw them in the morning, the world is OK I suppose.

And so to move on to my golden oldie life, listening in the background to the Spanish speaking radio station that my cleaning lady always listens to when she is busy at work (she is from Columbia).

Enjoy the day, may it go well and look what I saw in the town on Sunday. This rose was still flowering in one of the town gardens, wonders happen.

Rose 28.10 (1)

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I think the end of October is a bit early for Christmas too but I’m in the minority I think. Some shops have had Christmas things out since August! I think they could at least wait till after Halloween.

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          • I would still dislike any of the holidays that have been overly capitalized on. Somehow, Thanksgiving is still respectable, and happens to be my favorite, even though it is not a Catholic Holy Day.

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          • It is a pretty big deal in some way, but not in others. For some reason, there is not a lot of hype leading up to it. There are not overly inane traditions. It is just a big dinner that everyone comes over for. Even though it is a Pagan holiday, it is probably my favorite. I suppose it is a strictly American Holiday, since it was invented by the Puritans and native Americans. Canada has the same sort of holiday, but theirs ie even less fancy.

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  2. Your front garden looks very colourful.
    As a December baby, I think Christmas Eve is soon enough for Christmas – that’s when I take my fibre-optic tree (choice of large or small) from the top of the wardrobe and out of its box. It goes back in the day after Boxing Day.

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