FOWC with Fandango: Centre

Birdhouse 28.10.2018

“Move over your bunch of feathers, it’s my turn now.”

“You don’t have to be insulting, I saw that seed first. Go and hover somewhere and wait your turn.”

“What are you two chirping about, just take your place in the queue and keep your beaks away from the sunflower seeds, they happen to be my favourite.”

“Ours too.”

Sparrows 28.10.2018 (2)

“Stop arguing down there. I am freezing up here, my feet are falling asleep and make sure you leave something for me. Those blue tits are observing the situation up on the trees and if we are not careful they will pounce and then we will have nothing.  I am coming, so move over birds and make room.”

“OK, I have to go now in any case, promised the missus to bring a few seeds home. Looks like it will be another good Winter this year. See you again tomorrow at the central bird feeder, same time. Hope the human fills it up in the meanwhile, almost nothing left.”

“Of course the way you are stuffing yourselves. Remember what happed to No. 10 sparrow last year. He ate so much he lost the balance on the bird feeder and fell to the ground.  We had to carry him back to the tree, and was he heavy.”

“Yes I remember, but he is no longer with us, the feline got him.”

“Is she still around.”

“Yes I saw her prowling around this morning. She tried to catch me with her paws, but she is no real danger now. She is getting older and no longer as fit as she was.”

“So enough of this chirp talk, I have eaten my rations for today. See you all tomorrow, same time and same place.”

FOWC with Fandango: Centre

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