RDP Monday: Sublime


From the sublime to the ridiculous comes into my mind
We all have computers but technical makes us blind
The cyberland experts always make things new
We are never actually asked what we want them to do
Why repair it constantly when it is not broken
Wanting to do their best, although the programmes are bespoken
It all works so perfectly, and then we get an update
Everything was at your fingertips but suddenly it’s too late
Instead of writing an A, we have to write a B
Your intelligence says no, it is new, you have to see
And so we tear our hair out and might even swear
But the sublime to the ridiculous really does not care
What is necessary must be, computers go forth
In all points of the compass and even the cold north
So leave us alone with all so-called improvement
Are you really doing it for us, or just for amusement?
I like my computer the way it talks to me
Ignoring all your so-called progress, I drink a cup of tea

RDP Monday: Sublime

6 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Sublime

    • About a month ago. I am sticking to what I always do, but it messes a bit with WordPress comments and although I am logged in I have to constantly re log on when passing likes on certain members. I don’t really get it, but I have my Windows computer as well which is also a good one

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