FOWC with Fandango: Dingy

Underground tunnel under the Werkhofstrasse

My world has become dingy. I now travel by wheelchair locally when not using the car and this means that crossing roads is an ordeal if the kerbs are too high, or low. It is only with a bump that you manage to descend.

The slopes and the ramps have become my friends. I know each one on my way into town. Of course there are also stairs as an alternative, but they are out of my reach. I now let my chair wheel on down and up, even in top speed and the suspense: you are perched at the top and see the way leading into a dingy atmosphere, a darkness which could contain surprises. Perhaps you hear a dog bark, babies crying and conversations echoing from the walls

Yesterday due to the cold, I took a new route to get me home quickly and descended into the depths hoping I would ascend again in the right place. Wheelchair riding is full of surprises, especially when you are travelling on unknown ground, but I have my solution. I say if you arrive where you do not want to be, then turn around and go back and try it again. And those tunnels can be quite interesting.

Tunnel Baselstrasse 11.10.2018

Perhaps you stumble across a kiosk that you remember being used 20 years ago. It was closed. It was a busy place where customers would buy their newspapers, magazines and even lottery tickets. One day it was sealed up, the blinds were closed and it became an empty dingly container I often wonder what now exists behind the closed front. Have the mice taken over, or is it just the dust and dirt of the years. I have never seen anyone enter or leave the deserted kiosk, just the left overs of a dingy place.

So and now back to the bright lights of home, although it is dark outside, but even there a light often shines in the darkness.

Front Garden 01.12 (6)

FOWC with Fandago: Dingy

2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Dingy

  1. New York and Boston are both full of tunnels. None here, but that’s because the water level is high. Stuff below ground floods easily. I’ve been in tunnels in New York and Boston that look EXACTLY like that. I actually hate pedestrian tunnels. They always smell really bad.

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